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First Build: Gundam Barbatos


Greetings, folks.  As you may know, I’ve decided to have a Gundam phase.  Over the next year, I plan to drip-feed myself first-seasons of various Gundam shows.  As part of that-or maybe just because-I’m building a Barbatos from Iron Blooded Orphans, which I’m part-way through.

Day 0: The Stand and Prep

I was amused to open the stand’s bag and see a bunch of tiny pieces.  Ha, ha.  Thankfully, building it was easy.  It was a good confidence booster and good practice.  You do need a small screwdriver for a bit of it.  Next, I had a look at the Barbatos kit itself.  Boy that's a lot of pieces.


Day 1: Upper Body Frame

So, that stand was deceptively simple.  Now I’m getting a feel for how THIS one works.  The pieces are smaller now and at this stage, all black.  I recommend a LOT of light.  I would use tweezers for the stickers, too.  They’re a bitch to work with otherwise.  I stopped at the upper-body for that night.  It was a good-looking stopping point.  I’m already impressed with the level of articulation in just the arms and shoulders.


Day 2: The Full Skeleton

Now I’ve got the full T-1000.  And it does karate kicks!  It’s like a terminator with giant Sideshow Bob feet.  It’s funny that there are pieces for bits of what looks like oil or coolant piping behind the knees.


Day 3: Armored Torso

Now we’re getting some color!  Unfortunately, we’re losing a bit of flexibility.  I can already see where that’s happening.  Fortunately, the armor at the waist has some articulation and can itself move around.  It reminds me of how heavy armor in RPGs will sacrifice agility for defense.  I had to remove the original head-fin to make way for the new head armor.  So that piece is just for showing an unarmored head, and otherwise isn’t used.  Weird, but I get it.  You’re supposed to imagine it’s under there, but building the armor needs it gone.

Day 4: Final Day: I just go and finish the thing

I was close enough that finding a stopping point was a bit silly.  I powered through and finished.  It looks dope.  I just need to get better at posing this thing.  I'm clearly getting there, after working on it.  I'm taking it to the office tomorrow.  My homies in the IT department can't wait to see it.  My IT Director says he's gonna bring in a Metal Gear Ray to keep it in check.  As if.



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