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I'm not "presenting" like a horny panda so please, stop trying to fuck my ass !

Sometimes i do it to myself, i do and thats just why it hurts..i'll ignore all reviews and advice and go buy a game thats been more slagged off than your mum after the works christmas party. This month i threw caution to the wind and went and got myself the monumental turd that is Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. Holy fucking christ. At last a game that really does live up to its billing, sadly the billing reading " biggest piece of shit since godzilla ate muesli " just how the hell does crap like this get released in this day and age ? it is..on my xbox one x at any rate, fucking unplayable !! seriously..the game cannot be played in its intended manner..every 3 paces it freezes, the sound just kinda happens when it feels like it and oooh fuck it..i could list its faults until beer is no longer popular..someone, somewhere, gave the okay for this thing to be released and that someone should put their kids out on the doorstep on christmas day so that i and everyone else who purchased that game , can take a big fat smelly shit right on their heads. i know, i know..the reviews all said it was a dump, so its my own fault, but even within reason, there's usually a bit of a disparity between personal tastes and opinions and the harsh harsh truth of somethings shittyness..so fuck me for having the balls to have half a hope. i blame the sniper elite series. theyve had me in a thrall for some time, so perhaps i was just greedy for more and got tired of waiting for Rebellion to magic up sme more erm..magic. fuck it..lesson learned eh ? lets move on shll we.. anyway yeah..wooooh..far cry 5 ( oh fuck the moaning ass is not still carrying his far cry hard on surely ? ) errrm, yerrrs, kind of..i fucked up again. as mentioned in the past, i do like the games, even if the developers do tend to rather frig about too much with useless input. i purchased the Cry 5 season pass..which is a first for me..ive never done that before. i just fancied seeing how theyd done the dlc bits, the Nam, da zombies and the motherfuckin martians..popular public reviews are varied so i thought id play the odds. in all fairness, i quite like some of it, its lighthearted and fun or fuck it im rambo, so, all in im okay with the dlc. but whaaats this..far cry 3..classic edition ??!!?? for meeee ??? on my own , personal WORLDS MOST POWERFUL GAMES CONSOLE !!!!!!!!!! oooh this is gonna be the motherfuuuuckin shiiiit man !!! prepare thyself to be more blown away than a kite in front of windmill in the middle of the most powerful hurricane in earths history..this..my friends is going to be DA SHIT !!! fuck fuck fuck fuck noooooooooo !!! anger razor wrists cunts die die all i can say without really reverting to childish foul language is this.. how can a game from 6 years and 2 consoles ago be done so badly on what i was reliably informed is a games console that Marty McFly had to bring back from the future ? this isnt just a shame, its shameful..its sloth, its greed and its the eighth deadly sin of ass rape. christ , i had to check that i wasnt trying to run it through my tv remote control with just one battery in..this has performance issues like me trying to fuck on a busy roadside..its bad. i compared it to the 360 back compat version i have..and thats superior..because, its playable. far cry classic edition is sniper ghost warrior 3 all over again..shit framerate, sound like a band falling down the stairs and lacking in any professional polish at all..it doesnt even look significantly better at all..ive sat and looked at both and im trying really hard to see where all the years of advacement are and i come up empty. someone okayed this..someones kids need that overdue shit on their heads. even better ..i looked up how much far cry 3 is on microshafts store..get this..its 20 fucking pounds less a penny !! that..is truly ballsy for an xbox 360 digital download..fuck me, i bought the dvd for 3 pounds..so how the shit do they justify that crap ?? not that the micro store ever made any goddam sense on the pricing front..im pretty certain the same twat who comes up with the games pricing policy is the same knobhead who started the suggestion that footballers were worth millions.. i know this isnt really a blog and its more of a swear but fuck it, im in a mood, it happens when i get tired of being bent over so far that i can remove my taint hairs with my teeth.
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seriously..i've been doin this shit since before atari used new mexico as a graveyard for silicon. Yup i'm one of those grumpy old fucks who can't understand the appeal of call of duty or battlefield games, can't understand how resident evil 6 even managed to get released and thinks that after super mario galaxy, nintendo should have really just called it a day with the whole fat plumber saga.