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Game art + videos for action, side-scroller, robot, indie game: Occultus Command


Hey everybody, I figured I should indicate that this is art for an indie game on the title, I guess last time people thought it was from other games and were disappointed. 

TeaKettle Robot

Here are some videos showing the work in progress, no sound though (they were supposed to be gifs)

This is some art for one of the enemies in the game, I was going for the cyber punk 80s vibe, and the bottom picture is a work in progress depicting the two main characters for the main menu. 

Hope you all enjoy, I'm about 2 months away or so from finishing the entire game, I'm working on the final level and polishing things up some more. If anybody knows any indie-friendly game publishers, streamers, bloggers, etc, just hit me up or write it in the comments section, I'm hoping to have a demo ready in a month to send out to people! Have a nice rest of the day!

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