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Why NBA 2K Needs to Focus on Quality Gameplay Instead of Money


For the last two NBA 2K basketball games, we as a community have seen a serious lack of effort in the game play provided. The excitement of multiple online servers to play online with a custom, well worked for character has taken a serious downgrade. From flash and fun, we have seen dull, ad and micro transaction filled game where money trumps quality. NBA 2K18 was the ABSOLUTE WORST simulation sports game I have played since MLB 2K13, which says a lot, being they ended up terminating the series. But, the complete disrespect shown to Take 2's customers was unbelievable, we were used and taken advantage of, and we were never quiet about it either, we as a community were extremely vocal with community manager and development team, but players that cared about quality content with even decent game play, were practically spit on, by these money grabbers. They as a company purposefully ruined a game, that even though shows financial success, was a complete shit storm. The excitement for their new release coming this September, only frightens me, the kids eager to have a new game and the returning players that hoped for a major step up, will most likely receive another step down. The new wave these companies have taken with micro transactions have honestly put a completely sour taste in the mouths of the ganing community in itself. But, thankfully, with help of Fortnite, a free game with micro transactions that are strictly cosmetic based with zero impact on game play, soon will be forcing companies to drop the dollar sign way of business, and focus on making a piece of content worth playing. I'm no expert in any of this, but as a gamer, I know when a company messes up, and Take 2 has completely screwed, in every way imaginable in 2018, Christ. Hopefully this year it changes, but then again, that's what was said about 2K18, so we'll just have to see.

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