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Cblog recap of the week 7/22/18 to 7/28/18 + Hard Reboot


Hello all.  As you may have seen from GM's recap last week, we are doing things a little differently here with the recap team.  As of right now, the team is going to be posting a recap on a weekly basis as opposed to trying to release a recap daily.  Yours truly, your resident toilet sitter, is taking you on the first journey through this new format.

There may be some hiccups along the way, so bear with us as we are trying something new and trying to make it work.  The important thing is, we want your blogs to shine.  The people here are the heart and soul of this community and your blogs are the good stuff.  We want you all to get the recognition you deserve.  You all put in hard work with your blogs and you deserve props.

So there we are.  I welcome any feedback you might have with this new plan.  Trust me I can take criticism.  I've been criticized since before you were born people!  No matter what, I think we can all agree, we want what is best for the community.  We want this community to remain the best around.  With that said, let me arouse you all with some of the sweet recapping goodness of the blogs from last week.  Hold on to your butts.

* - I know the feels Spieler Dad. When you're young and gaming everything is so easy. As an older gamer, you just want to be left alone. It's a gift and curse to be an expert gamer when gaming is now mainstream. Just leave us old gamers alone. Also people, read this blog. It's the good stuff and made me giggle

* - Lord Spencer continues with his reviews as he takes a look at Shining Wisdom on the Sega Saturn. Lord Spencer is on point with his reviews once again folks. I definitely recommend if you're a Saturn fan.

* - For you parents out there, Monkey830 has a blog just for you. He takes a look at the top 6 games for kids ages 4 and up. Good stuff. Also I'm soon to be 33 and want to play these games all the time

S - Dwavenhobble has given us many Sopa Boxes in the past. With this one he does something a little different. He takes us behind the Sopa Box and explains why he does what he does

S - We're going back in playtime as Kerrik52 gives us a look at his most recent Traveller in Playtime. This one looks at Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban. Meh has never looked so meh

S - Let's go retro. 1983 to be exact. Flegma gives us a very good look at Super Cobra on the MSX. Old school gaming and Flegma. I very good combo

C - Squid beats octopus (as it should). BGH gives us the low down on what Splatfests may be coming up

S - Being alone can be disconcerting in real life. In video games it can add a sense of tension. BBPirate06 takes a look at what being alone in video games means

C - Shoggoth2588 gives us a look at his top games ever, with ties. A lot of effort went into this and it is very in depth. I appreciate the effort

T - Octopath Traveler has been a very popular release for The Switch. With that popularity, Marcel Hoang is asking the community about it. He'd like to know what people's impressions are of Octopath and also who you started with

T - Did I mention this Octopath game seems pretty popular? Bit by 8 bit gives us his thoughts and impressions on this seeming gem. If you weren't interested before, give this a read as it makes me wish I had a Switch

T - I unfortunately only got into the Persona series here with Persona 5. Kesith writes an awesome blog about how Persona 4 got him back in love with the genre. It also makes me long for a PS4 port of Persona 4...sigh.

T - We're hitting the past machine. Trickster X goes back to the year 2006 (or 2008 for him) and looks at Rogue Galaxy. A really nice blog on a game I never really had a chance to play

R - Electric Reaper gives us a review of Layers of Fear. Judging by the disdain shown for this game in the review, I'm glad I never gave it a try

T - Flegma gives us a hobbyist look at Ninja Savior for MSX. You are doing the Lord's work here Flegma and I recommend giving this a look folks

T - Narzack loves him some Space Game, or what most call Elite: Dangerous. I can honestly say I never really had a desire to check this one out, but Narzack's love of it is infectious and makes me want to give a try

T - Woohoo Mega Man X Legacy collection is here! Sapot64 gives a look and some thoughts on the first Legacy collection. Man how great are these games? Unfortunately up next for him is the Legacy 2 collection. Don't do it Sapato64!!

T - Dere likes Choose your own adventures. BBPirate06 tells about a fun choose your own adventure game called The Yawhg. Dere is now intrigued

D - Time for part 2 of Riobux's game development diary. Erecting (teehee) through Prototype. A very good development blog I'd recommend checking out

F - Boxman214 and I may be the same person. Boxman gives us his list of the top 10 movie sequels in his opinion. I have to say, I can't really argue with much of this list

R - I get what Greenhornet214 is saying here. Profanity does seem strange to me at times. I do pepper around a "naughty word" here or there, just for emphasis. But yeah the whole concept can be a bit weird. An interesting not really video game related blog

R - Dwavenhobble explains why he can be an assisted sometimes. It's for the gaming communities own good! And he doesn't like it anymore than you do!

C - Gadgeroo didn't like Far Cry 5 too much and tells us why. Could be a little more meat here and divide up the blog a bit, but still, I hear what he's saying

Just remember, he who stands on toilet, is high on pot--Dere


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