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Songs That SHOULD Be In Guitar Hero/Rock Band -- Volume II


I love Guitar Hero, and I'm bound to love Rock Band. I just have one problem, I was brought up with a vast knowledge of music and appreciation for all types of music. Unfortunately for people like me, most rhythm games fail to include some of my favorite songs and or bands.

While I find it very cool that the game designers for both game series are trying to be all-inclusive and bring elements from modern music and music from the past together in one game, they sometimes fall flat on their face trying to meet my expectations and the expectations of people like me.

I know that I am not the only audiophile in the vast sea of Destructiod readers. There will no doubt be those of you who agree with the songs I post here, and a great deal more of you who won't agree or have never heard the songs I list. Let's get started shall we?

At The Drive-In -- One Armed Scissor

A group that was really influential in the American post-hardcore movement that we saw during the mid ninties through the beginning of the aughts. Their last studio album, Relationship of Command, release in 2000 is one of my favorite albums of the aughts, and this song in particular is one of the best songs ever to come from the group. Told from the standpoint of an omniscient character who is apparently a mixture of Vodka and Red Bull...anyways, do yourselves a favor and give this one a listen.

Faith No More -- Woodpecker From Mars

A instrumental song near the end of the group's second album, The Real Thing, has a pretty cool violin intro and then leads in with the shredding of both the guitar and bass, making this a chord heavy song. It does give a break in the middle, and a slowed down section that would be great for lots of notes to hold. Great damn song from a group that should have been much bigger than they ever were. The second album was also the first album from the group to have Mike Patton featured as the main vocalist, before then the group had Chuck Moosley as the band's front man. A change I was happy for then and am still happy to have.

Bionic Jive -- Swarm

An amazing rapcore group from Phoenix, Az. Bionic Jive gained a little popularity thanks to a few of their songs from the album, Armageddon Through Your Speaker, being featured on the Transporter soundtrack. The group's sound mixes metal and rap, but you know, not cheezy like PoD or Limp Bizkit.

Rollins Band -- Starve

I bow down in reverence to Mr. Rollins, and the album Come In And Burn is easily one of my favorite albums of all time. The Guitar work throughout the whole album is nothing short of amazing. The current lineup for the Rollins Band no longer includes the musicians on this album, which is sad. I miss the days were there were groups like this around, I really do.

GWAR -- Surf of Syn

Easily one of their best albums before the retcon of the group after We Kill Everything their fifth album, Carnival of Chaos is the group's most story influenced albums about...well, it's complicated, I'll let Wikipedia speak for itself: "RagNaRok is essentially a heavy metal album and it is spiced with a story about the end of the world. The story involves Oderus and his alien sister Slymenstra being forcibly mated with the aid of rogue space aliens. Meanwhile, a comet hurdling towards planet earth is inciting the populace to revolt, and anarchy has set in all over the globe. An AIDS-like plague has crippled the masses ("The New Plague" is sung, by Dave Brockie, as a human with AIDS), who await the meteor's arrival and their subsequent death. However, it turns out that the comet is actually Cardinal Syn, a robotic agent of harsh Catholic dogma. Syn is representing the Warrior Pope, who is demanding that all bow down to him and obey his insane whims. But Syn is drawn to Slymenstra's alien baby, for a reason that is left for the listener to uncover." The track, Surf of Syn is a song sang by the character "Cardinal Syn" ordering the people of Earth to make him their God, and is the song used by the group during live shows during the climactic battle, damn good song with a mix of surf guitar and metal, and worth a serious listen.

I know, I know, I probably didn't include the group/song that you think would be great, but give me some time, this is just the beginning of a series of many blog posts I'll be continuing to post about songs I'd love to see in Guitar Hero / Rock Band. Who knows, maybe next time, your favorite song will be here. Thanks for reading, see you all online!
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