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Art Commissions are open!.


Hey everyone, as a lot of you know I've been studying art for quite a while now and I've decided to open myself up for commissions, here's my pricing list if you're interested!.

£10 $13 €11 Sketches

£25 $33 €28 Busts full colored.

£30 $39 €33  Waist up in color or Full body line-art

£40  $53 €45  Full body in color.

(don't have any examples for this barring some very old works i'm not happy to use as examples, but I'm working on some examples at the moment and I'll update this then).


Backgrounds & additional characters vary starting at £10.

Keep in mind these are general prices and may change depending on certain factors such as coloring/value style, complexity of poses and clothing/armor and other factors such as if I retain the rights to the image or if you  ask me for many revisions. 

I'm also open to physical commission's too however this also will include printing & shipping costs.

Thanks for taking a look, if you're interested then hit me with a dm or email me at [email protected]


- Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do.

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About triggerpigkingone of us since 3:40 PM on 05.12.2014

Hello talking computer person.

Been a lurker here for a while occasionally leaving comments and I decided to get more involved with you pervy creepy amazing people.

My names Chris and I pretty much spend my days watching anime, playing games and studying art..usually procrastinating from it.
Also i'm British so i'm legally obliged to drink tea and watch and obsess over Dr Who.

If you wish to spam me with memes or dick pics you can catch me here.

Some of my favorite games are:

Metal gear solid 3
Banjo kazooie
Legend of Zelda Wind waker(or majora)
Spec ops the line
We love Katamari
Devil may cry 3
Pretty much any souls game, though especially 2 and bloodborne
Ori and the blind forest
Kingdom Hearts 2(and 1)
Metroid prime
Fatal frame 2
Paper mario(1 and super still haven't been able to play 2 begrudgingly)
Grow home
Resonance of fate
Alien isolation
And probably more I can't remember of the top of my head.

my favorite shows(mainly anime) include

Cowboy bebop
Gungrave(amazingly underrated and hands down my favorite show of all time)
Black Lagoon
Dr Who
Breaking Bad
Gravity Falls
Spice & Wolf
The Devil is a Part Timer
Hellsing Ultimate
Flip Flappers
Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

Also some of my favorite musicians and bands are

Scoobie do(it's a Japanese rock band not to be confused with the tv show)
Free tempo
Poets of the fall
Ninja sex party and starbomb
Ennio morricone
Murray gold(Dude who does the music for dr who)
and I generally listen mainly to a lot of soundtracks and compilations while drawing.

And with that I must go, my people don't need me in the slightest