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The dev who released most of his back catalogue for free.


DISCLOSURE: I've spoken to the developer in question multiple times on twitter, he's been the source on a few Cblogs I've written over the years and yes this could be said to be shilling his work but I'm doing so happily (and NOT FOR MOENY) because I believe he's done something pretty good and worthy of praise.

With the death of the Xbox Live Indie Games system a while back all games were removed from the system and could no longer be purchased anymore. A huge number of games likely are gone, plenty of them being what we'd now call asset flips, but among them plenty of other games that did have value. Indie Gamer Chick launched a push to get the developers to either release the game on Steam or allow others to port them to PC and Steam.

One developer did something different, that developer is Bootdisk Revolution, likely best known for the game Bleed and its recent sequel Bleed 2.  What Ian Campbell (who is the entire Bootdisk Revolution)  did was put all his previous XBLIG games, that weren't already on steam, on his website that you can download free. That's right all his games that hadn't already been ported are available to download for free now. This is in addition to 3 games he already has listed as free games.

 In an age where some developers are happily dumping their first ventures into programming, by editing or cobbling together store bought asset packs, onto Steam. I believe it's very much worth giving serious praise to Bootdisk Revolution because these games aren't asset flips, yet he's happily put them up on his website for free for everyone who wants to play them to enjoy. These are actual games not asset flips being given away free, in an age where some developers will happily put anything up onto Steam here's a developer not trying for an easy cash grab. These free game are likely actually better than many if not most of the games pouring into Steam via Steam direct but here is a developer happily giving away such titles for free. This deserves celebration.

Now Ian doesn't know I'm doing this. He didn't ask me to write this and hopefully this will be a bit of a pleasant surprise. And hopefully you'll check out some of the free games and maybe consider looking at or buying the two games on Steam he does have for sale.

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