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Anita Sarkeesian / Feminist Frequency fibs again with the help of Polygon


Yeh I'm criticising Anita again, problem?

I'm not bothering with doing this as a SOPA Box Cblog because the SOPA Box is for more important stuff.

So Feminist Frequency has put out its annual diversity report about E3 a few weeks ago. Polygon also helped UNCRITICALLY spread the claims. Now as Benjamin Disraeli said "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Anita and co have chosen to bring statistics to the fight, because statistics can't lie right? Not helping the matter is that intentionally or accidentally the numbers are wrong, so let's jump into it this pile of bullshit eh.

Anita claims there has been little progress in the video game industry in terms of women's representation. Yes you heard me right, apparently this E3 still wasn't one that had seen any improvement from previous years according to Anita and co.

Their claim was there were only 9 games featuring ONLY a female protagonist and no male option. No unlike Fem Freq and co I didn't sit there counting the number of female characters but I did watch all the E3 conferences and using Dtoids lists of what was shown at each conference I reminded myself of what was shown. So I made a list of the games featuring women leads.

This was made using Feminist Frequencies own rules and standards which they do state:

No using games that were part of montages only, the game had to have been shown on stage itself as a single entry.

Feminist Frequency is counting Gears of War 5 as a female lead game because it's a female lead with playing as a male character only sometimes and they're secondary as such to the plot (thus I can use this standard to)

Here's my list:

Last of Us 2

Sea of Solitude

Gear of War 5 (well Fem freq are counting it)


Wolfenstein Youngbloods

Shadow of the Tombraider

Beyond Good & Evil 2



Neir Automata enhanced (Look if Femfreq can count Gears 5 I can count this under the same rules)

TellTales The Walking Dead Season 3

Hey, I a person not paid to do this got 11, but I guess maths is too hard.

The thing is this all serves to highlight one giant, elephant in the room, size problem with the numbers put out. The raw data isn't presented. We don't know what they put in each category. The reason there may be so many games listed as Male characters only is because Anita and Co happily padded the numbers by claiming titles like NBA 2K18 + 19, Madden and Fifa are male protagonist games or if they bothered to wait and learn Cyberpunk 2077 will have the option for male or female characters for the player to chose from. Obscuring and refusing to show the raw data seems to be a trend among Anita and her supporters, because any air of legitimacy vanishes the moment people look into the raw data.

Fem Freqs E3 break down goes on to complain about the lack of non violent game veering dangerously close to Jack Thompson esc arguments about it but stopping just short because apparently it's fine to try and imply video games cause rape but even Anita knows overtly making claims about violence would cause her to lose what little legitimacy she has left.

I think this all points to my core problem with Anita and Co, the lies and misrepresentation that can be found throughout their work. Also the people who support them uncritically spreading their nonsense rounds. I mean Anita's report claims that there was a lack of women on stage presenting during E3 and that's a problem. It almost entirely ignores the women who did present, one of whom very much is an audience favourite at this point.

Anita & Co seem to want diversity via numerical value and I'm sure once her new series "Tropes vs Queers in video games" (or whatever she chooses to call it) we'll be seeing more stats and complaints emerge about the fact 50% of the games shown didn't represent the LGBTQ.

Ignoring Anita didn't make her go away. I've not done a full Cblog on Anita & co in a blog for a while, that hasn't stopped them earning $85,0000 in since November this year. Me being quiet does nothing, all telling me to stop on about her does is let her carry on conning people with less opposition calling her on her bullshit. 

I'm not the one who as chose to put out a piece advertising her fund raising for a series NOT related to video games but history in a supposed video game publication.

Oh and I'd have ended this all here but have a video of Anita Sarkeesian according to her "Being harassed and abused having inoccently just been doing a panel" by someone in the audience and anyone saying otherwise is just gaslighting her, I'll let you decide how true that claim also is.

Hope everyone enjoys Saladors upcoming fanfiction BTW.

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