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Fan-Made P.T. PC Port is In-Development


Does anyone remember P.T.? That playable teaser for the now-canned "Silent Hills"? If you do, you know how absolutely horrifiying it is, but for those who don't quite remember it, that's fine; after all it was taken off the PS Store and was never able to be downloaded by those who found an interest in it too late.

The game was pulled after its designer, Hideo Kojima, left Konami for greener pastures. This left people being disappointed when they realized this meant the cancellation for the game that P.T. was hyping up. However, if you're a PC gamer or Xbox gamer, you wouldn't see much of a change, after all, you couldn't get it in the first place. P.T. was released on the PS4 alone, meaning only PlayStation owners would even have had the chance to play the teaser.

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Enough of that, though, let's get into the meat and potatoes of this article.

As it turns out, 17-year-old game developer and avid P.T. fan, Qimsar, is in the works of developing a PC port for those who want to try the teaser out themselves, but got there too late. The title can be found as a downloadable game on GameJolt.

According to the port developer, they had very little experience with the Unreal Engine (only about 6 hours) and this is their first real game. In all, they spent about 140 hours on this project and it's still going up as it'll be updated constantly.

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