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A .tiff remembers E for Balls!

After a hearty day of the 9-5'er, I made my way down the coast to LA in search of the Destructoid crew. I arrived when the Video Games Live concert had just begun, so it was necessary to take a cab to the Nokia theater, costing as much as half my airfare. Thanks LA! You're shitty!

Alright, so I was a little bitter about that but the bitterness passed upon arrival to the show. There in the dark of the concert hall, all in a row were my lovely robo friends. I was greeted with a signature Chad face, tackled by an Orcist, and buttsexed by a Husky. Then my good friend Dan Paladin of The Behemoth arrived to join us! Following the concert, the night birthed activities such as C-C-C-Combo Breakers!!! (in a low whisper), ASCII vaginas, and dolphin shaped ice cubes. This is what happiness is.

The next afternoon we headed to the convention center, picking up a .HARR and converting him to a Dyson so he could get into the show. The crowd felt sort of listless, and I'll admit all I played when was Rock Band. But Rock Band = Saucesome so I really can't complain. I also ran into the celeb crew: Craig and Tom from ScrewAttack, the lovely Jess Chobot herself, Rocco from Mega64, Gordon Freeman, and even a Geoff Mendicino ( I GOT HIS AUTOGRAPH TOO).

Then of course, there were the debaucheries at the Gay Gamer party that acted as a fine close to our time together. What I managed to consume in liquor that night led me to believe that giving the attractive bartender a $30 dollar tip for a $40 dollar tab was the absolute right idea. Alas.

Now its back to reality, and I already miss you all madly. I'm currently making plans for my Halloween costume so I can wear it proudly at a big industry party on Saturday. I'm going as Princess Mononoke! What are other Dtoiders doing for Halloween?
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