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Intro Post - Angharad's Adventures


Welcome to Angharad’s Adventures!

On this blog I will chronicle the exploits of Angharad, an Eternal Warrior making her way through every classic RPG she can conquer. I’m going to start with the original greats - Diablo, Fallout, Baldur’s Gate - and maybe one day get as far as Dark Souls, Skyrim, and Dragon’s Dogma. The campaign will proceed in more or less chronological order, and I’ll try to stick to the very best of the genre. The only consistent requirements are that the game be an RPG for the PC, and that I can create a character named Angharad.

I’m going to try to post 3-4 times a week, long-form blogs with about half a dozen screenshots, along with short commentary text. I’m not much of a writer, so I’ll keep my words pithy. I want the pictures to tell the story. I’ll also try to fit in some q-posts, if I’ve got screenshots that I like that didn’t make it into the main post.

I'll also be posting screenshots to the Angharad's Adventures Tumblr - a kitchen-sink for updates, with more pictures and fewer words. 

About Me: 31-year old dad, librarian by training, college administrator by trade. Favorite book is The Black Arrow, favorite movie The Princess Bride, favorite anime Outlaw Star, favorite game, hands-down, Grandia. Big fan of Kurosawa, and anyone named Miyazaki. Samurai Jack is the crowning achievement of Western Civilization (and I’m nervous about S5, and no I haven’t seen it yet, so shut up). KJ Parker is our generation’s most underrated fantasy author, and you should go read him right now.

Thanks for joining me. The Master will be pleased.

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