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I Can Has Secret Promotion from Destructoid?


Well apparently I just donít check the staff listing often enough because as Dale just pointed out to me a little bit ago Iíve been added to the DToid crew. Needless to say this has pretty much made today (in the eternal words of Chad) The Best Day Ever! Seriously, when I started hanging around the Site at the end of last year I never thought Iíd actually end up working with all these awesome writers that have entranced me daily with their great recounts of whatís going on in the world of gaming.

ďNow wait a minute, who the hell is this Golden Pastry guy and why is he getting an official position here at Destructoid?Ē you might be asking yourself. Well, as some of you may have noticed, my name (in several variations) has been showing up a lot on front page articles the last few months due to sending the news in via the good ole [email protected] address. Apparently these numerous offerings to the great robot gods have caused me to be deemed fit enough to join ranks with blindsidedork and buckfitches as News Contributors. The reason I originally started sending in tips was just my way of trying to give back to the site. As I saw it, if the editors didnít have to continually look around the internet for various up-to-date news tidbits then theyíd have more time to actually write about them. I guess my continued free labour ended up impressing someone. :)

And incase anyone was wondering how much ďfree labourĒ I ended up doing the detailed stats are below.

# of front page articles credited for tipping: 293
# of tips sent in total: 2529
Percent of tips used: 11.59%
Tips per day (since July 26th): 27.59
Tips per day used: 3.196244431

Times the various Editors have used muh stuff:
Aaron Linde: 3
Chad Concelmo: 4
Colette Bennett: 19
David Houghton: 10
Dale North: 97
Dick McVengeance: 3
Gameboi: 12
Grim: 10
Hamsa CTZ Aziz: 13
Jim Sterling: 89
Nex: 6
Nick Chester: 19
Orcist: 5
Reverend Anthony: 2
William Haley: 1
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