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Comments of the Week 56: Dance into the Fire


Howdy folks. It's ooktar again bringing you a scorching edition of Comments of the Week. The summer heat has been beating a lot of us down but I'm here to help you take your mind off the weather a bit with some contributions from you lovely Dtoiders. So try and find a cool spot for a bit to indulge me for a bit.

ooktar: Then there's his crazy uncle Dorutos Locos.

ooktar: She's gonna learn about it someday. At least it was with The Incredibles.

ooktar: Telltales finances were killed.

ooktar: Drinking juice with pulp is like drinking coffee with coffee beans floating around in it.

ooktar: *Cue catchy guitar riff

ooktar: Silly, the modes in Crazy Taxi are Arcade and Classic.

ooktar: Where's my Franz Kafka game?

ooktar: That L on his forehead has multiple meanings now.

ooktar: I'm just glad I'm not the only one who couldn't be bothered to finish it either.

ooktar: For that map players have to pay by the hour.

ooktar: Now if they only can figure out a horror game involving communicating with people in reality.


ooktar: I rented RE2 as a kid and the only part I played was the Tofu scenario. I'm pretty stoked about this.

ooktar: Pretty much. For me it's like 40% Super Robots, 40% Thicc Girls and 20% Guitars.

ooktar: You mean it's not normal to sit in an elevator for 2 minutes just to reach the second floor?

ooktar: That good ol' patented Bethesda shine. Can't get that past anybody.

ooktar: ......what do Seamen smell like?

ooktar: Wario and Waluigi are the Bert and Ernie of the Nintendo universe.

ooktar: Snoke then took credit for ending the seperations that he started in the first place. Star Wars feels all too real now.

ooktar: Congrats!

ooktar: Welcome to Flanxtasy Island!

ooktar: That's how I feel after a night of heavy drinking.

ooktar: Space racism... Spacism?

ooktar: That reminds me I'm late for my appointment at half past Lewd.

ooktar: This pick of Luigi spanking himself is NSFW.

ooktar: Fallout 4 - Walk Away

ooktar: Release date when?

ooktar: You look like you're in the appropriate mood for it as well.

ooktar: "I'd rather WAHck some balls the get my face WAHcked."

ooktar: Sometimes he's a pretty okay dude......... sometimes.....

That's this weeks edition everyone. Hopefully you were able to escape the heat for a few minutes to enjoy it. Let me know if you did or if I made you even more fuming if I didn't. FakePlasticTree is back next week so try and survive until then.

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