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I bought four new games today QUICK IMPRESSIONS: Rondo of Blood PSP, Zak and Wiki, Phoenix Wright 3, and Mega Man ZX Advent.

It's rare that I buy four new games on the day they are released. But I have actually been anticipating Rondo of Blood for the PSP, Phoenix Wright 3, Mega Man ZX Advent, and Zak and Wiki for over a year now. All looked to be excellent games, and though I've only had the opportunity to put an hour or so into each, I think I've played each enough to make some quick impressions.

Rondo of Blood PSP: One word. Disappointing. This game really loses a lot in the translation from 2D to 2.5D. I'm up to level 3, and so far everything looks much more lifeless and bland than it did on the Turbo Duo. And the gameplay is really boring as well, worse than any other 2D Castlevania, even the original on the MSX.

I loved Mega Man Powered Up and Ultimate Ghosts N Goblins on the PSP. I was hoping Rondo PSP would be similarly awesome. So far, it plays more like a forgettable budget title.

Phoenix Wright 3: Same old Phoenix Wright. I love this shit, so I aint complaining.

Mega Man ZX:Advent: Much better than the first so far. Way more power-ups, according to the box there will be 14 in all. And the map system is fixed. Wont change the mind of anyone not into 2D action exploration games, but if you dug the Castlevania's on the DS but not the original Mega Man ZX, you may want to give this one a look. This game has the polish that the DS Castlevania's have, but ZX1 lacked.

Zak and Wiki Way more insane than I thought it would be. I haven't seen a game world this surreal since Super Mario Bros, even more so that Katamari or Viewtiful Joe. And like Super Mario Bros, half of mastering this game is understanding the weird rules of it's world and making them work for you.

And those thinking the game will be too light and kiddy, your wrong. It's not quite at a South Park level, but there is definitely a "I look cute but I'm actually brutal and ruthless" thing going on here. Wiki, the flying monkey, jokes about his pal Zak's impending death from the very first puzzle. And death really is possible around every turn. You are never safe. This game actually reminds me of the original Resident Evil in that way, where any decision or risk you may take could lead to sudden death.

I love it.

Also, the game looks absolutely great. Thanks to the very well crafted animations and the camera almost always being scaled out, everything here is as visually appealing as one could ask for. If Mega Man makes it to the Wii, I hope it looks like this.

And that's all for now.
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