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Cblog Thursday recaps for (05/17), (05/24), (05/31), (06/07) AND (06/14)! >_<;;


Hey guys, and welcome to another volume of "Neo, why are you behind in recaps again!?" The answer is a simple one. Work. My new has me working a split shift on fridays now so I'm always tired when I need to do these. I'M SO SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME! T__T Maybe I'll try to set a weekly alarm or something to help pester me more often.

ANYWAY. That E3 this week huh? Lot's of awesome stuff announced! My wallet is going to hurt next year I tells ya. I actually glad I don't have a switch or Xbone right now, I'm gonna be strapped for cash with just the PS4 titles I want!

Alright enough blathering, there are recaps to catch up on!

* - Gimic300 gives us an emotional journey through a drug lased Gungeon. Definitely worth a read! (06/14)

C - Why are you even doing that MDSW!? (05/17)

P - Here MightyMagikarp has the intro to his clog focusing on a Beginner's Guide to all the characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I noticed part 1 also posted today so check it out! (06/14)

T - Geotherma gives us a opinion based rundown on Sony's E3 conference. He has alot to say about it, so if your curious take a gander. (06/14)

T - On the heels of E3, RedPanda4 talks about how mobile gaming is on the rise! (06/14)

T - tim153 let's us know why he thinks Spec Ops: The Line is one of the best naratives in gaming. I still need to play this tbh. (06/07)

T - VVerner Herrzawgz seems to hate procedural generation. Why? Read it to find out! (05/31)

N - A Band of Bloggers post from LaTerry about Etrian Oddyssey. I'm assuming it's not too late to take a look! (05/31)

N - Our Lord Spencer gives us an update about his Saturn reviews. (05/24)

T - Monkey830 tells us that he think Rage 2 looks cool. E3 spoiler alert! I agree it looks awesome! (05/17)

V - A lion king/e3 musical parody from Genki-JAM. Maybe it's funny, I haven't watched it yet so you guys should let me know. (06/07)

Alright. Phew. I'm caught up again. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to eat sashimi, maybe play Warframe and then go to bed. -_-


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