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The Sopa Box: Jim Sterling says Amazon literally supports murder


It's Sunday, I don't normally release SOPA Box C-blogs on a Sunday, nor do I release 2 in a week normally. I carefully try to arrange the Sopa Box so it's not close to Jim Sterling's Jimquisition series. I do that so I don't end up retracing the same steps as Jim. Unless it's a hugely pressing issue that I'm not seeing my view on expressed and I also feel warrants me talking about it I try to entirely avoid anything Jim touches on as my voice just echoing his same sentiments is pointless, it adds nothing.

I generally actually agree a lot of the time with Jim's stuff, however when I disagree it tends to be a pretty bloody big disagreement. This is coming out on a Sunday because  "Monday is coming".

So in his last video Jim Sterling literally, literally, literally said that Amazon supports murder and rape.

Oh wait no he actually didn't, but seeing as it's in vogue to do that thing where you just entirely strawman and misrepresent other peoples' points and position I thought I'd do it too. I mean Amazon does sell very big knives

And there is knife crime epidemic in parts of the UK so clearly Amazon must support knife crime right? Clearly Amazon should stop selling anything that in any way could be used to harm people and just to make sure anything that could offend them to be sure otherwise governments will have to step in.

To carry this on maybe the NFL players should just leave off kneeling a bit because some sponsors don't like that and it could cause the government to step in and have to censor the NFL. I mean if you want to go even further and play the game of people supporting things Jim Sterling literally supports Russian Brides, slightly dodgy gambling sites and sweatshops in 3rd world countries, why you ask? Well while the Jimquisition might be ad free I'd be willing to bet Jim hasn't gone through his adsense setting for the rest of his youtube account and blocked all gambling adverts, all adverts for Russian women dating site and all adverts for clothing retailers, many of whom do use Sweatshop or near sweatshop conditions to make clothes. Jim has control of these and by his argument google serving any such adverts up on his content means he supports it right? Hell Jim makes videos about these controversial games knowing they will get views and a such ad revenue this Jim you support said games, no matter how much you claim not to, you making videos about them and making money talking about them means you support them right?

The problem with bringing up the spectre of government censorship is it all starts to sound a bit like previous controversies. The Spectre of government censorship due to the immorality of films caused the formation of the hays code. The Spectre of government censorship of comic books lead to the comics code being created. Thus far the video games industry has done everything in its power to avoid such things and copy solutions deemed acceptable in other industries. This isn't the first call for moral policing in video games in recent times either.

(That's real BTW and not fake news)

I stated in my last SOPA Box C-Blog that I don't like asset flip games. I think in most cases they have little to no artistic merit to them and aren't creative endeavours. My issue however is most of the coverage surrounding them has been about the thematic content rather than the assets themselves. Even with the thin veneer of controversial content they're seeing calls to be banned based on said content. Now let me be clear, in almost every case I've looked at I've not liked the content. The problem is once you start censoring based on moral judgements of the theme then you open the door for other group to follow, especially if it's successful.

Jim bringing up the spectre of government censorship IN THIS CASE in my view makes him little better than Willian Randolph Hurst or Fredric Wertham or even Mary Whitehouse. As Yahtzee pointed out even in gaming a previous controversy and the seeming backing down of the company involved didn't satiate the appetite of the mob.

Why would it this time? We saw how a journalist thinking Hatred had been pulled permanently and wasn't on Steam anymore was grounds to then call for Super Seducer to be pulled from Steam too. Valve does or should at least know that a lot of those making these claims aren't regular customers of Steam. They're people who have heard about the title in some other publication and decided they have an axe to grind or believe it doesn't have the right to be sold because of some nebulous fear of the harm it will do. Harm which I previously pointed out according to most educational theories could only manifest as actual harm with catastrophic societal failures on multiple levels.

If you want to talk about supporting these games, then Jim is supporting them, yes you Jim. It's only fairly recently, as Steam has got worse, that I remembered the fairly wise words of a, now sadly gone, youtuber when he said "This trash isn't worth my time". I get that people play a game then give their thoughts otherwise it's wasted time when it's your career but if you're going out deliberately looking for the trash and filling your channel or site with showcases of the trash it seems to me that you're getting the Steam you deserve not the one you want. A Steam filled with trash because that's what's getting the attention while smaller indie titles see little to no support.

Oh and if you're offended by something on Steam just remember, you don't have a right to never be offended because if you want that right everyone else gets it too.

Hopefully if this does reach Jim he won't mind too much that he's ended up as the whipping boy here more on behalf of a fairly sizable chunk of the industry than just himself.

Thank you for reading and remember when the time comes, THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED

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