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Devil May Cry 5 vergil is alive and summoning demons as always


The wait is over, finally we get a Devil May Cry sequel after basically a decade. I have lost alot of hair waiting for this (seriously i had alot more hair when we got dmc4).

Last time we saw old Verg was back in DMC4se with a story basically covered by two cutscenes that indirectly explained how Nero was born ...........yay for that? Okay to be fair he had a dry story but still had an awesome moveset that left us delivering judgement cuts for hours..... aaahhh imagine slicing a loaf of bread into so many slices instantly.

Thus far we already know that Vergil is already in DMC5, thing is we aren't sure as to where he fits in, well like a crazy hatter i have a theory that is so far fetched it may even be true????? This is my view based on everything we've seen in the DMC5 trailer so Helmbreaker me if I sound nuts and with that being said ....lets rock baby.

We all saw the red guy covered in liquorish (very demonic btw) who is obviously from the demon world; but wait a minute, the hell gates are gone from DMC4 and Dante was stuck in hell at the end of DMC2, Vergil fought Mundus in DMC3, lost, came back as Nelo Angelo , got his butt kicked again and finally remained dead in DMC1 right?(out of breath ......so lets start a new paragraph)

No twin amulets after Dante being trapped with no way back into the human world, Vergil dying and taking his amulet with him, oh wait there's more, Lady's blood cant be obtained as she in the human world along with her gunz, seriously i know she's only human but talk about being well equipped.

So where did the demons come from? Dantes back from the demon world? Nero got jumped and had his pimp hand taken? What?

Well here's my theory ....the guy that took Nero's arm is the one the only VERGIL well at least whats left of him. I beleive that Vergil got his mind back after being defeated as Nelo Angelo after which he was left in a corrupted state hence the decaying looking flesh and the need to hide his face, thats not all, Nero's Devil Bringer houses Yamato (the ultimate bread knife) which Vergil would obviously want back "I NEED MORE POWER".

Given Vergil's history with taking things from family members by stabbing them in the gut i see no reason why he wouldn't want to steal a pimp hand from his own son(talk about bad parenting ) or maybe he just wanted his sword back and didn't know how to ask nicely since he engaged in a hit and run that birthed Nero.

Although I'm also starting to wonder about Nero's DT the avatar behind him is Vergils DT shown in his shadow at the end of DMC4SE. Nero's armed changed one day with a voice echoing "POWER GIVE ME MORE POWER", sound familar? Nero also only goes into his DT state only after first restoring and then obtaining Yamato. ........coincidence? I think not what if this was vergils soul wispering in Nero's ear? The devil bringer is Vergils own demonic arm? It was Vergils soul that restored Yamato and now he is back for his "devil arms". 

DMC5 shows a much older Dante in the human world riding a bicycle in DT form which was obviously picked up at a dealer in hell so how did he get here? Short answer Vergil needed the Devil Bringer and Yamato to restore his powers and open a "gate" between the human and demon world. He could be the main Baddy (not bad daddy) in the story or he could be the one who foresaw this new evil and in all of his pursuit of power throught the series he attempted to prepare himself for this ultimate challenge.

In DMC3 we already know that he summoned "that thick shaft that causes women to shudder" and killed lots of humans in the process. So once again another bad habit of his has crept its way into the sequel. Summoning demons and trying to prove he is as good as Papa Sparda.......coz slicing bread without Yamato is not enough.

- Always look up......you never know what might hit u next :)

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