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Falling out with Fallout Part I: Malice towards MacCready


Fallout 4 was a good game, but a bad Fallout game. I have a plethora of little nitpicks and complaints about it. And rather than just posting on No Mutants Allowed, I’ll spread it here. Let me start with the writing of one MacCready, former Mayor of Little Lamplight.

MacCready in Fallout 3 was smart, shrewd, sarcastic. A leader of not-quite-men. While I would accept him being a rather cunning raider leader (Children are just a step above animals in that they wear clothes,) he seems to have been given “Mercenary Type 87-B: Not quite a heart of gold, with a bit of regret.” Not the biggest injustice, but one I very much feel makes the game short.

I had started off the game looking at the wiki for mild spoilers the night it came out. And when I saw MacCready could pal around with you in the commonwealth, I immediately wondered what that smartass kid became. And what I got was… A bit too close to home. Sure, the real world grinds on you and shifts you. And it can change you from a smart aleck to something a little more generic. But I played video games to ignore the fact that we were more interesting as kids than we are as adult.

It’s not like Bethesda had uninteresting characters too. Nick and Piper pulled their stories off well. Hancock was always a treat. And seducing Danse to enjoy man on man action started chapters upon chapters of headcanon.

Fallout 4 could have been one of the best games that carried on a rich storytelling tradition. But it only felt ankle deep with regards to immersion.

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