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Cblogs of 5/7 & 6/11/2018 + Full E3 Impressions


This year, I am lucky (or unlucky) to have my Recap date right at the end of th3 e3 press conferences and streams. This is also the only year since forever where I actually watched most of them. So, here is what I thought of them, which I think follows closely with the general Dtoid reception.

As usual we started with EA, and what a wet fart that turned out to be. Put in to the context of the shows that followed it, EA’s predictable BFV showcase and Anthem-begging wasn’t special. Their sport titles and attempt at highlighting the selling power of the Champions League was boring. Only their showcase of two smaller game worked. Sea of Solitude looks interesting, and a lot of people are excited for Unravel 2.

One thing to note though, is that Unravel 2 is a game that is perfectly made for the Switch, and yet EA again showcases no interest in supporting that platform.

After that, Microsoft managed to have one hell of a conference, with a lot of game announcement and a mix between teasers and concrete detail. Their announcement of DMC5 and Sekiro showcases renewed Microsoft commitment to Japanese games. Elsewhere, they announced Cyberpunk 2077, which imo will not be release in this generation. Few of the games were exclusive, and I don’t think it increases the value proposition to owning an Xbox console, but it put the company in the right track.

I predict that Microsoft will learn a lot from the mistakes of this generation and start really well in the next. Right now though, there is no closing the gap with the PS4.

Up next were a flurry of okay conferences.

Bethesda’s was predictable, and their reveal of The Elders Scroll VI some teasing overreach. That’s a 2021 game at least. A sequel to Doom was good, Fallout 76 looks to be an online-only game, and… there wasn’t really anything else.

Square Enix’s conference was good. They didn’t do the usual of teasing games that will release n 2028, and instead focused on games soon to be released and on the pipe-line. Nothing special though, since the biggest game in the conference (KHIII) has been in some form of development for 20 years now (a little less than that). The lack of any Switch references in Dragon Quest XI worried me though.

Ubisoft did not follow through with their excellent performance of last year, even though they brought back Shigeru Miyamoto again. I predict Starlink will fail to become another Skylanders, just like Lego Dimensions and Disney Infinity failed. Other projects were the usual Ubi-factory stuff, for better or worse.

For Sony’s conference, I think it was their best in three years, aside from the technical difficulties. Sony’s 2016 e3 is always talked about as a comprehensive victory, but the lack of any information about one of that conference’s major reveals tells you why I think it was mediocre substance-less conference. No Final Fantasy 7 information, and no teasers for games in the far future.

Instead, Sony showcased games that will be released soonish (even if it did not promise any deadlines), and also focused on showing gameplay (or pseudo-gameplay). I am not very interested in the Last of Us 2, but Ghost of Tsushima looks to be very promising. I hope it does not suffer from the usual open-world flaws. Also, Resident Evil 2 and Nioh 2 reveals were excellent.

Ironically, many would say Microsoft’s conference was better. However, all conferences, especially Square Enix, all served to showcase games coming to the PS4. Even with a weaker conference, Sony still comes out in top.

One company that could seriously use the 3rd party support is simply not getting it.

Nintendo cannot sustain a release schedule for the Switch like its stellar first year every year, and that's showing here. This Super Smash Bros. game may be new, but is clearly made in the Smash 4 engine. Devoting so much time to it, without revealing a single player component (won't play it myself otherwise) is hedging all their bets on a franchise that is not as strong as any of their first year big guns. Even their excellent reveal of the new Fire Emblem game showcased their lack of readiness, with the game slated for Spring 2019.

To be fair to Nintendo here, they esnured that the Switch sold like crazy in its first two year, and wit will go beyond 20 Million units sold before the end of the year. Yet, 3rd parties are simply not supporting the console in any meaningful way.

Generally, this was a decent e3, one which had one very good conference in Microsoft's, but really showed why the PS4 is where it is right now. It's the only console now that is a must buy for everyone (imo), with the Switch vying for its position as a secondary companion and the XBox eagerly waiting for a generation reset.

Is it too late to make an imapct?

A- Flegma weighs in a debate between procedural generation and the associated repetetivenss against filler hand crafted content. Its an intresting read.

A- Don't get between a mother bear and her cubs, and genoforprez doesn't think these mothers should be messed with either, all of which should feature in their own action-packed video games.

A- This is a recap during e3 and naturall there are many thoughts and impressions about the many confrences in the show:

S- At this time of the yar, there are many people trying to be cute and funny, which always makes for an entertaining COTW to read, but its every day now and for every conference (nearly).

P- Of course, we have a PSToid podcast during e3. Spoiler alert, it talkes about e3.

Fuedal Japan setting is on the rise, Sekiro has a lot of pedigree behind it

One thing that worries me about this game is the open world, more Witcher and less Skyrim please

R- I have never been a fan of skaiting of sakte boarding games, but Kerrik52's review of SSX On Tour is intriguing to say the least.

R- One seres I a mildly a fan of is the Tales series, and Kerrik52 writes a very good review for Tales of Zestiria just in time to creat some hype for the re-release of Tales of Vespiria, the only tales game released in the west that I didn't play (other than Berseria which I will play later).

R- If you are a fan of JOJO's Bizzare Adventure them you might want to check out Rikimaru the Tenchu's review of JOJO's Bizzare Adventure: Heritage to the Future.

T- Retrofraction shares his thought an intresting mash up fighter, Mega Cross Tag, from the Blaze Blue makers.

Kingdom Hearts III looks great, but it is too late and after too many spin-offs for me to care

I guess New Vegas was a one-off for me with the Fallout franchise

This reveal just bored me
One worrying tend I noticed as an increased chatter about steaming games. We are still not in a stage where it is practical, but publishers like EA are planning to invest heavily in that front.
Anyway, here are the games I am currently playing. Those in bold I am going to review when completed:
  • No More Heroes (Wii).
  • Shining  Wisdom (Saturn).
  • Paper Mario: Color Splash (Wii U).
  • Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4).
  • Affordable Space Adventures (Wii U).
  • Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (3DS).

Also, here are my latest reviews:

And Latest Blog in my "where the hell is...?" blog series"

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