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It's been a while...


It's been more than 18 months since I logged on and decided to put a post up...  Hopefully everyone is still here doing what they do best (enjoying the hell out of the games we love).  I've recently been playing everything I can get my grubby hands on...  

Catching up on some older games, enjoying new ones, and wondering what the hell has been going on at dtoid.  

Recently I've been playing Horizon Zero Dawn (LOVE LOVE LOVE IT), along with Everybody's Golf, Detroit Become Human and of course God of War (which even though I kind of hate the kid, I love the game.  Much better than God of War 3 imo) on ps4...  State of Decay 2 on my Xbox, and Zelda, Mario Odyssey, and a few others on my Switch.  

I love the new set up for Hot Shots/Everybody's Golf. Still a fantastic golf game that is never serious, and always a blast to play.  The low number of courses is the only black mark on an otherwise fantastic game.  The DLC isn't really so much DLC as it is unlocking what's on the disc, which is frustrating as a fan of the series since it was released...  But for the 40 dollar price tag, the DLC ends up making it to a fully priced game...  So I guess it's about perspective.

The Switch is a recent addition, and while I'm really happy with it, and enjoying Zelda, Mario and Donkey Kong (along with a few other titles) I feel limited by the availability of games on it.  I've bought around 10 titles for it, and they've been okay-ish to remarkable.  Never a fan of Mario Kart, I've still found some titles I'm really enjoying.

Being late to the party is never fun, but HZD has me feeling ok about it.  What a remarkably fun and engrossing experience.  The Show 18 is another phenomenal entry into the series (even though I've slowed my play with it because there's just so many games to play).  Detroit Become Humans story had me glued to it, and after a bit of a break, I will definitely revisit it seeing as I've only seen one ending (the fact Heavy Rain came along in the bundle was a great bonus).  

Surprisingly my Xbox hasn't gotten much love lately, even though I've been enjoying SoD2, along with Farcry 5.  Planning on getting the season pass, and hoping like hell that they incorporate some of the NPCs in there (like the guys in Vietnam, and the zombie comics) along with Farcry 3, I think it's hard to pass that up for 30 bucks.

If anyone even reads this, please give me some Switch game ideas...  (I think I'll end up buying 2 copies of Madden this year if it's available on the switch). But that's mainly so I can take it on the go.  If Nintendo  can put some really great titles on there, the system may very well become my favorite.  I have never been a Kirby or Pokemon fan...  But there's plenty of platformers for me to enjoy...  

I'm a bit disappointed with Zelda BotW, but I'm still early on in the game, so I'm hoping that changes.  I just hate the weapons breaking so quickly.  But as a system it has all the right elements to make it great.  Let's hope there's some solid 3rd party support, and that they start diversifying the whole 8/16 bit games.  And bring some of the DS, and older NES/SNES games to the store.  Was really looking forward to playing some of the older Zelda games, along with Metroid. (I find it a bit odd that they've only got maybe 10 'classic' NES games available, and my want for them like vs Super Mario Bros, and Punch Out are the heavy hitters...  They could, and hopefully will do better in that department)

Well, I just wanted to say hi to everyone here...  And hopefully you're still gaming hard and smart.  

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