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Let's Reflect #2: I Wanna Hold Your Hand(held)


Another Look Back:

It's hard to remember all the games I actually had in my youth, but it's always the ones that get you the most triggered that you remember, like never figuring what to do in to for Spongebob Squarepants: Legend of the Lost Spatula, or getting stuck on levels in Rayman: 10th Anniversary or Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. All these games I'm referring to I played on the Gameboy Advanced (and Gameboy Advanced SP later on), which is the subject of our topic today.

Sleeping on the Job:

So in my younger years I had trouble sleeping. What I thought was the solution to help me go to sleep was to play videogames (which I later learned actually kept me awake), thus leading me to ask my parents for the Gameboy Advanced. Honestly, I probably wanted the Gameboy because it looked cool, but you know those silly excuses young kids make to get their parents to buy things. After playing the PS1 for a while, I soon learned the art of platforming from the jumping Italian who started it all: Mario. The first game I had for my Gameboy was Super Mario Bros. 1. I would toss the cartridge in my clear light blue Gameboy (the game was meant for Gameboy Color, but it still worked), and played that game for hours, mostly trying to get to world 2 (hey I was young then). I then was able to find a pipe to world 8, but I could never complete the game. This game was secretly the first roguelite, where if you lose all your lives you had to start the whole game over, which as a kid was very frustrating. A lot of the older games were like that due to the limited memory storage, which makes you appreciate the games of today with multiple save files. 


(e)Readers Beware:

After getting tired of SMB1, I asked for more games and more stuff for the Gameboy Advanced. Since there was no backlight, you had to plug in this lamp to the top so you could see your game at night. It was during this time of handhelds that I started to fall in love with Nintendo games. Having games that are more focused on casual play and more platforming seemed to ease my stress levels, compared to the more intense games I had on PS1. I had quite a few games for the Gameboy, as well as a lot of accessories that came with it. This collection included the eReader; you know that early credit card reader where you'd swipe cards that gave you in-game bonuses or actual games. Mainly Pokemon bought in on the idea and I had a few cards that actually did things. Most of the time you would need a series of cards to actually unluck things. The reader came with a few Game & Watch games as well as Donkey Kong Jr., which has you play as Jr. to save DK from the Jumpman after capturing him. There were also three pokemon cards, Machop, Machoke, and Machamp, where if you swiped them in succession, would give you a sweet rock smashing game. The one BIG problem with the eReader is that it only remembered one game at a time, so if you wanted to play a different game you would have to erase the memory from the previously downloaded one. So after I had my favorite rocksmashing game deleted to play DK Jr., I LOST A POKEMON CARD. Now I could never play the rock smashing game, ever. I beat that DK Jr. game multiple times out of frustration of never being able to go back. 


Lost to the Void:

That wasn't the only time I lost gaming stuff. For my first pokemon game I got Pokemon Sapphire (there were previous Pokemon games at the time, the didn't catch my adolescent eye), and I played it for quite a while. Then one day at my gandparents house I dropped the game in between the couch. Knowing that it was there, I left it while playing another game, thinking that Sapphire would be safe where it is. Wanting to go back and play Pokemon I found that it was missing! Somehow the couch had ate the game and was nowhere to be found. I still wonder where this stuff is to this day, and think that the next people who have the couch open it up and find the game sitting in there. After that sad chain of events, I received Pokemon Emerald (which was obviously better, but I still missed Sapphire, wondering how that game compared). 


Was there a game that made you sad to lose, or did you happen to find a game (maybe my Sapphire?)? Leave you thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

- Stay gold out there

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