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Band of Bloggers: Exploring the Forest Labyrinth


The premise of the Etrian Odyssey games is usually pretty simple. There is a labyrinth near/in a city and it's probably full of treasure, so you should definitely explore it. It's simple and the games have never had much of an emphasis on the story (save for two exceptions), instead focusing on the labyrinth and the exploration itself. So what does this have to do with our Band of Bloggers topic? Well the early floors of the labyrinth in Etrian Odyssey games usually looks something like this:

Or perhaps like this:

On top of that, while exploring these forest labyrinths, you will hear music like this:

Or this:

The first areas in Etrian Odyssey are always so peaceful. You get to explore a serene forest, with sunlight filtering through the trees, serenaded by calming music that just makes you want to relax.

When suddenly you are beset unexpectedly (but you really should have been expecting it, everyone in the game has been telling you how utterly dangerous this place is) by savage beasts bent on your destruction.

And this music starts playing:

This peaceful forest isn't so peaceful anymore, and now you find yourself fighting for your life. Etrian Odyssey is a difficult game, and if you are unprepared even the first battle could prove fatal for you. Each new floor of the labyrinth brings new monsters waiting to ambush and attack. The labyrinth is as deadly as it is beautiful, and you won't last long if you don't prepare and keep track of where you are. Etrian Odyssey lets you map out the labyrinth as you explore it, which is one of the reasons I love the series so much. It really makes me feel like I'm exploring a dangerous dungeon. Getting lost could mean my life, so if I don't do a good job mapping the forest and noting where to find resources and shortcuts, then I won't make it far into the forest. 

Despite the danger, the forest is too tempting for me to ignore. I simply have to explore this dungeon. I must walk through these woods. 

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