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Why Do We Forgive Blizzard's Homophobia?


Why do we give Blizzard a pass for homophobia? Now before a bunch of folks toss out the token maybe lesbian in Overwatch, I want to remind them that it used to be corporate policy for them to ban any mention of LGBT issues in World of Warcraft for a period of years. Positive or negative. That is strikingly similar to what Russia’s current laws on the matter.

Not only that, but they’ve over several dosen “Oh fetch me x for my spouse” and all of them are straight. Hell the entire Thrall/Aggra Mary Sue arc was shoved down my throat for a cloak. And I can’t even get two orc dudes admitting they love each other in the game? Why is it that Bioware and Zenimax included gay NPCs years ago, and Blizzard still won’t budge? Not only that, but they reprimand employees who advocate for that?

Why, with a company with a history of being as backwards towards LGBT issues, do we allow a token character to reverse everything?

I can only speak for myself, but I have asked this to the WoW community for years. And I’ve constantly been told that it would be sexualizing things. As if that’s all that my relationships amount to, sex. Blizzard is still behind the times. And I wonder why the hell we keep giving them a free pass for that.

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