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Oni Canbra R. Chick decaping Zombie Army = Matrue and Hardcore. UPDATE- Vid of the 360 version's intro embedded for the uninitiated.UPDATE 2! Crotch Shot and video Buster showed me.

The Wii is catching a lot of flack from game developers lately for not being hardcore enough. This of course begs the question, what is a "hardcore" game? Does it have to do with polygon counts? Or is it more related to depth, both in terms of game play and game world design? Or does it just have to do with being being "not for kids and old ladies".

Well, this game sure aint for kids, but I'm not sure if I'd call it "mature". I'm sure it will be rated "M", but I actually think that maturity would be a detriment to appreciating what this game has to offer. It does actually get much more adolescent than this.

Behold...Oni Canbra R

This series started out on the 360. Doesn't the Wii get a little trickle down "hardcore-ness" on that basis alone? But more importantly, Oni Canbra R seems to take all the things that angry/lonely/nerdy teenage boys are uncontrollably attracted to, chews them all up, and spits it out in a form that is both totally revolting and compelling at the same time.

Hot Girls? Check.

Violence? Check.

Big adult words like "Sensual" and "Bluster" used out of context just to try and sound cool and smart? Double check.

And of course, zombies cops. Teens hate cops. Teens want to kill cops. But it's too controversial to feature cop killing in a video game.

What to do? Well just make 'em zombies. Then it's not only is it ok to kill the cops, it's down right good natured, self sacrificing even.


And yes, all the screens here are for the Wii, not for the PSP or the Dreamcast. This is a budget title, but one that I would gladly pay $30 to own.

Chicks dressed like hookers using katanas to stop the zombies apocalypse? If the pure, unhinged testosterone smell of it all doesn't hook you, the tongue in cheek "This is dumber than dumb" nonsense of the whole concept will.

Or at least it should, shouldn't it? Are you really going to let last gen graphics and a less than classy game premise hold you back from having some mindless fun?

In my book this game deserves a support campaign more than the also great but mainstream friendly Zak and Wiki.

Your thoughts, D-Toid?


Since so many of you both seem interested and fairly unfamiliar with this game, I embedded the 360 game's trailer.


How could I forget this pic? Perhaps better than all the others, this screen shot represents what this genre of game is all about.

And this video. Remind me to always check gametrailers for videos before I post anything ever again.


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