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The Question of Queerbomb

It’s no secret that the term safe space has been turned into an amorphous blob of a thing. Made into a strawman not so much made of straw, but dryer lint soaked in gasoline. And safety, or perhaps the illusion thereof, has become an even more tenuous. Meanwhile I find myself looped into kind of amplifying a LGBTQ event in Austin, only I’ve found more letters added to it. And I realize that the linear progression of time is very much a thing. As much a thing as Queerbomb. (Shameless plug!)

I don’t know what the I and A stand for, and at this point I am too afraid to ask. I am however, brave enough to google it and write about it in a blog. It means intersex and aesexual.
Welcome aboard folks. I am only moderately upset that I’m not able to sleep with one of the new letters. Which is a bit of what Queerbomb is about. Kinda. Sort of.

Since the head of Havencon didn’t like my last blog, let me see if I can piss off another aspect of Austin queer culture.

About 10 years ago, there was a massive schism with the pride parade in the city. With the slew of corporate sponsors and the organizers wanting to make the event a bit more family friendly. And overall accomplishing that task. And that act going a bit against the grain of the Hippie Hollow, Leslie Cochran, Eeyore’s birthday kind of tradition. There was a splinter grassroots march called queerbomb. Which includes drag queens, leatherdaddies, and leather daddies who are also drag queens. As well as all sorts of other kinds of queer expression.

It was off for a few years. Then off and on. Or some shit like that. And now it’s on, this Saturday. And thank fucking god. We’re Austin, not some stuffy suburb of Dallas; where they elect someone to congress, who says that homosexuality can be “cured” with a few liberal applications of a paddle to a stuffed animal. To have a pride where the freaks don’t feel safe to let their freak flag fly here… it wouldn’t be Austin.

And of course we get to the whole loaded term of safe. It is starting to seem as though the only way to get anything done in Austin is through corporate sponsorship. While that in itself is ominous with regards to say… class divisions. It is especially alarming with regards to the LGBTQIA movement. Its coopting. And if that’s the point entirely. It’s easy for Oreo to tweet a rainbow picture and get some free press. But I don’t see them forking out to AIDS fundraisers, or helping homeless youth. I see the Sisters doing that. I see the Courts doing that. I see the freaks banding together, same as always, and making sure that for us queers, we’re all in this together. I see Texas Puppy Club jumping in the march too, ready to pick up and help those who Nabisco won’t. Here’s hoping the Queerbomb fuse burns on for the years to come.

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