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Cblog Recaps of 4/28+5/5+5/12+5/19+5/26 - Going to Summer


The last time I talked to you I was talking about winter and it was still somewhat cool here. Now merely a month later (I'll get better about this) and I'm schweating my cajones off as the temperature soars above 30 and the dewpoint following close behind at 20+. Basically I hate summer.

It continues to be busy here though with multiple projects of my own chugging along in tandem with my usual work for the site and normal work in general.

I am slowly slowly progressing through NieroTomato, just got done with ending [B] and my soul has been kicked in the dick once again. Taro likes to really drive his foot straight up into my soul taint and make me feel all the pain. But...I enjoy it? What the hell is wrong with me?

Outside of gaming I've been trying to read and bike more, you know true hipster things. Recently picked up a book about alternate outcomes of a multitude of battles and political struggles of World War II and how that might have affected the rest of the war and world and that's basically Hearts of Iron the book and I love it. Speaking of Harem of Iron, the fact that Paradox is going to be making board games for their IPs is such an awesome bit of news. I can't wait to ruin family vacation by taking enforcing the terms of the Treaty of Versailles the second Germany moves into the Rhine and wiping out Germany through a neo-Napolean strategy of take no prisoners. Good family vacation stuff!

Enough about my boring ass life, onto the recaps!


* - Back when this was written E3 was a far distant thought, now it's right around the corner. Which is why I waited so long to recap Striders blog asking what YOU want to see at E3. Yup, that was my plan all along, nothing you can say can change that.

* - Monkey830 wrote both a review for the new God of War as well as this in-depth look into the story behind the characters, I personally cannot read this because I plan on playing God of War some day but just the subject matter alone and the length it look like Monkey has gone through to write this makes me want to top sauce this. Is this a problem? Well in the words of my ancestor Richard Nixon, I am not a crook. ✌�🤖✌�

* - Destructoid's resident historian Flegma wrote up an incredibly in-depth look at an old and almost forgotten genre of games, the gravity flying genre. From an older time where gaming was more about calculations than questing, the genre has fallen out of vogue in this new era of gaming, but thankfully we have Flegma here to tell us all about the games.


P - PStoid is here once again and it's episode 85 - Tricultural Podcast...whatever the hell that means.

A - Fellow recapper Lord Spencer just can't stop recapin' so he put a recap of his own blogs in my recap so you can reap while you're recapin' and oh I give up. This is a nice little table of contents for all of his work though so if you've always wanted the omnibus of Lord Spencers blogs, here it is.

S - Sapato64 wrote a second entry in their chronicling of a new MMO from veteran developers. This weeks foray into Project Goron has Sapato dealing with a pesky giant ass spider, a spider that lives in a cave!



N - Destiny 2's trial was pulled from the PC as reported by OmegaPhattyAcid, with how much we cover Destiny 2 on the FP I'm surprised this wasn't covered before.

R - AuraChad writes up a review for Arkham Asylum taking into account both the PC and the Xbox versions. Personally even as a strictly PC person I cannot imagine how bad it was to play that without a controller but they did it for you so you don't have to. Show some gratitude ya jerks!


F - I don't understand why it took the release of Infinity War for people to realize that trailers and movie announcements have been giving away too much but at least people are catching on now. In htis blog about Infinity War and Black Panther's advertising scheme, ZanderLex laments about how seeing Black Panther in the Infinity War trailer ruined the experience of Black Panther. This is why I don't watch trailers anymore. I made it a point to cover my eyes and ears with every viewing of The Last Jedi trailer to keep my first viewing sacred and virginal.


C - This was before MDSW learned what passes for a blog here and what doesn't, so I guess we'll forgive them...this time.


Oh my god, has it come time for us to part once again? Oh well parting is such sweet sorrow. Except for those of you who can escape the heat, it's sweet sweetness. Until the next time, aw rewvwar mohn cherries.


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