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Classic Review: Darksiders


I had to make a decision on playing Darksiders The Warmastered Edition further. I know I'm relatively near the end but due to life happening I have spent four months on this game alone. So I'm going to pause Darksiders and Darksiders II in favor of the hundred or so other games I have waiting. However:

In Darksiders you take on the role of the War. Not the abstract concept but the Horseman War. In the opening act someone has declared armageddon and the powers that be want to know how/who/why. War comes to Earth and begins swatting the demons who have no business being there yet. By the end of the act someone important is assassinated and both the forces of Heaven and Hell are blaming War.

War is stripped of his powers and told to go prove his innocence and regain his abilities and get down to the bottom of the mystery of how the End Times started without the proper sequence of events. He is returned to Earth several years later where the phrase Hell on Earth has taken on a literal meeting.

The graphics for the game are a refit the previous generation as is the sound. The sound is very good as well. And anytime Mark Hamill shows up as a voice I'm happy.

The majority of games controls and mechanics are pretty smooth. The only hitch is ths free aim to standard air switching mechanism; it tends to get in the way. Power and weapons progress are done with a soul collection/buying method and allows for a pretty good customization. The combat itself is very intuitive

The puzzles become repetitive and that's where I got a little distracted; though as I mentioned previously often a couple of days walking away for a day or two is enough to clear up any blockage I'd have in getting the puzzle done when I got stuck but that leads us to four months later and a desire to get on with things. But unlike Dark and Dark Souls their difficulty wasn't a deterrent.

Summing Up:

Story: 4/5 I think the framing story is very good but it did have a few, "Sure, that sounds like a GREAT idea" moments.
Graphics: 4/5: Good graphics for their time but updated, but I think that they could have been updated more for the difference between last gen and this gen.
Sound: 5/5: Moody music and good sound effects plus Mark Hamill.
Control: 3.5/5: Outside of the aiming mechanic and a little bit of the equipment switching everything was pretty smooth. Actually, the equipment switching and inventory really reminded me of the Legend of Zelda games. Quite a bit of the game reminded me mechanically of the Zelda games but Zelda if things went extra wrong.
Playability: 4/5: Darksiders is a fantastic game that just suffered from life happening. Had I been able to focus more on it I think I would have gotten through it to the end.

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