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Ding Bat Answers + More codes off the back of a lorry


So a little while ago I did a Dingbats blog just for fun for the community and I promised the answers (not that they're really needed as I think between you all you got them all but this is for those who might want the answers).

Then after the Dingbats answers I'm dumping a load of codes for various stuff that I've collected over time and doing a bit of a spring clean getting rid of them all and dumping those a load of the ones that haven't expired and I haven't claimed and don't intend to here.


Answer = Shadow of the Colossus 
It's the colossus of Rhodes, the arrow was pointing at his shadow everyone got this one I think.


Answer = BloodRayne
It's Rain, it's Blood Red, most people got this one too


Answer = Half Life 2
The arrow is pointing to the 2nd Half Life of Carbon


Answer = Red Alert 3
Admittedly this was a bit more obscure The picture shows the Tizer Head, in the UK the slogan for Tizer was for a long while "It's a Red thing" and above the head are 3 of the Alert icons similar to those seen in many stealth games.


Answer = Chainsaw Warrior
It's the Ultimate Warrior with a Chainsaw 


Answer = Carrie's Order Up
The text being a reference to the end of the film Carrie and it being written and placed up on a resturant style order rack.


Anwer = Aftermath / Aftermath Y2K (blame Dino his game is listed as Aftermath in the store and Aftermath Y2K in my library on Steam)
The year on the timetable is 2000 so Y2K and the highlighted subjects were the one after math class. I think only about 1 person got this one


Answer = West of Loathing
The sign pointing to where loating is show that you need to go East so therefore you must be to the West of it.

Congratulations to all those who joined in and now for the stuff most people are likely reading this for, The Free Codes.



All codes have been taken from various magazines while they have no listen expiry date I cannot guarantee they work.
If you claim a code please say so in the comments below to save other people wasting their time trying a code you've claimed.
Redeem the code yourself, do NOT list it on code selling websites other people may claim the code before the sale completes and said sites will likely shut down your account for selling dud codes, I accept no liability for lost accounts on code selling sites if you do this.
Read the details of the code as to where to redeem it, many are not STEAM codes. 

These First few Codes are EU only

World of Tank (existing player only)
Redeem via activate code button on World on Tanks website while loggedn in
Tier V British Heavy Tank Excelsior
+100% crew
+5x +100% EXP (1 hour)
+5x +100% Crew (2 hours

World of Tanks (new player only)
Redeem via "have an invite code" while creating an account
M22 Locus Tier 3 American Light Tank
+100% crew
+7 days platinum account status

World of War Planes (Existing player only)
Redeem via activate code on the website while logged in
Supermarine type 224
Hanger Slot
3 days premium
500 gold

World of War planes (new player only)
Enter as an invite code when creating a new account
Curtiss F11C-2
Hanger Slot
7 days premium
500 gold

The Following codes SHOULD work for all regions

Magicka Wizzard Wars extra stuff
Redeem on Steam and get
24 hour booster
3 Treasure keys
5,000 Crowns

Never Winter Starter Pack
Redeem on playneverwinter.com
1 Greater Stone of Health
1 adventurer's xp booster
1 bag of holding
5 portable altars
10 greater scrolls of identification
25 Skill kits

Battalion 1944 Marine Flight gun Skin
Redeem in armoury redeem skin button in game

Warhammer Vermintide Schluesselschloss (DLC only does NOT include base game)
Redeem on Steam

Forge of Gods Twilight Destroyer pack (item pack for free to play game)
Redeem on Steam

Redeem IN GAME after finishing the prologue
4 battle chests
2 pandora coins

Minion Masters (Standard Edition)
Redeem on Steam

Elder Scrolls legends
Enter on the Bethesda Net client
2 free card packs

Unlock Buck + Commando skin in paladins
enter on paladins store on paladins.com

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor (stand alone game)
Redeem on Steam 

Total Warhammer: The Grim and The Grave (DLC only does not include base game)
Redeem via Steam

And Remember please if you have claimed a code or even if you try one and it doesn't work comment below to save other people some time.

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