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What do you think about the features of games for VR-centers?


I'm interested in immersive games for VR-centers. Let me share my thoughts.

Features of this market dictate the conditions for such games:

1. The center will be commercially viable if the game will be a duration of 20-30 minutes.

2. "Wow-effect" is of great importance. Unreal location, the surrealism of what is happening, impossible tasks in the real world and situations.

3. In order for the game to have a wide audience, it is necessary to take into specific characteristics of adult players and children - adults pay more attention to the result of their actions, children pay special attention to the effect after what they do (visual, sound).

4. The game play must be tight on all time of the game.

Action, slasher, horror, spy... the best genres. I think so. It's great if all these genres are in one game. We want to make one of these games.

Since we have no experience in creating games, at first we began to make a movie on the Unity engine. The plot of our game will be based on the plot of the film.

What do you think?

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