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A death is mourned, The cake is a lie, and I still suck.

I stagger into the room, like a new-born calf. "Hey, it's that mspaint guy. What was his name again?" some say. "Who the fuck is the GAMEGOLBIN?" other question. "Aww fuck" says coonskin05. "GTFO my internets furfag" exclaims puppetpalmich, arms flailing wildly in the air hollering, broken crayons in hand.

Yeah, my computer's been a bit disposed after my hard drive bricked. I lost everything. EVERYTHING. All 3 of my illegally downloaded games and an mspaint picture of Tom Hanks.


I've checked up on destructoid once in awhile but not enough to talk or anything. I wanna gets back into the community.

I've been playing my 360 lately to keep me entertained. Portal is crazy awesome. Go buy it. I will temporarily be your companion cube until you get a copy of the orange box for yourself.

And I still suck. That is all.
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