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Hey Guyz! Guess What I Got in The Mail This Weekend! (low badwidth/resoulution warning)

A delicious pie!

There are blue LEDs on the fans and on the power supply, but it’s off right now.

One a somewhat related note, I came home the other day and found a scratch across the top of my PS3 and Wii was huddled in the corner crying about something, this happens a lot(its so emo, something about not spending enough time with it, I dunno.) Apparently my PC and PS3 had been fighting. I think it was a dominance thing, but now that they have it out of their systems, and after our little sit-down everything should be fine.

Once again (I swear this is my last ass-kissing session regarding this contest) I want to thank all of editors and the community for making this the best video game blog on the tubes and the only video game site I check on a daily basis. You guys are awesome and truly do make this site unique, I am proud to be a member of the Dtoid Army. I’m not just saying that because I won a PS3 either. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Destructiod.

-JK (those are my initials)
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