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I Have A Problem


The other day, I was playing Civilization 6 (which is a great game, btw), and around turn 150, I realized I have a problem. 

It's the same problem I have in NBA 2k (go Celtics), Fallout, Madden, and countless other games. Hell, I had the same problem with Civilization 5. Maybe it's a problem that's common, and that's what I'm wondering from you. 

In many cases, I can't seem to get past the middle stage of a game. 

Not all games, of course. I've probably beaten every installment of Dragon Age five times. Many games, however, sit in my Xbox or Steam library unfinished. 

Another problem I have is that many games sit there unplayed. I have roughly 100 Xbox games and about 25 Steam games. Out of those 125 titles, probably 75 of them collect digital dust. Around 50 of them are backwards compatible games...meaning I've had them for many years. And still, they sit. I feel like I'm going to be a news story in 20 years...the guy who took out thousands of dollars in personal loans (any loan sharks looking for a rube?) for video games and now lives in a box. Hopefully, I'll never get desperate enough to put up half of my belongings for collateral, but who knows. I pre-ordered State of Decay 2...I stopped the first one about halfway through. It's a great game, but the thought of "what if" got to me a few times. 

Part of the reason for the first problem is that I get halfway through a game, and my mind starts to wander. "What if I do this!" or "This team is cool, but it would be awesome to take the Browns to the SuperBowl". The thought of what could be becomes an obsession; almost a challenge of some sort. 

Sometimes this is because I don't feel challenged. In sports, my favorite teams are having pretty good runs. The last time I had difficulty getting the Seahawks to a SuperBowl was in NFL Head Coach, back in 2009. Thanks, Jim Mora. The Celtics have been a solid team for the past decade, with the exception of a one-year playoff gap. The Bruins and Red Sox are almost always contenders. 

Short side note...The Seahawks and Celtics were the first two professional teams I watched when I was a kid, so I ended up pulling for them. When I got older and began to like Baseball and Hockey, I decided to go full-on Boston. Good enough for Bill Russell and Larry Legend, good enough for some weird kid from SC. Diversion over. 

Games like Civilization seem to stall out in the middle. Another game I play even though it's "old" is Titan Quest. It doesn't stall out in the middle, but it gives massive opportunity for character customization through skill points and equipment, so I always think "this character is great, but what about this other person I could make!"

So I restart. I build new characters. Or I get side-tracked and restart because I don't want to play a game, put it on the shelf for a month, and then finish it. I'd rather start over. 

Other games feel like my character is too overpowered, so I don't feel challenged. I don't want a rage game where I die every 10 seconds, but I don't want to walk through every opponent until I reach the boss, either. I come up with "house rules" to make games harder. This occurs mostly in sports games. 

Is this a weird thing, or is it common in the gaming community? Maybe there are studies about gamers having low-attention spans or something. Do any of you have this problem, and is there a way to stop this? 

Seriously, I'd love to finish State of Decay before I play the second one. This isn't so much of a statement as a cry for help. I'm only half kidding. 

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment, I enjoyed the conversation from the last two articles!


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