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VH1's Rock Band Band websites launch! (Info and pictures inside!)


So while I did not get the part I tried out for I still keep an eye out to see whats going on with this show/special/wtf. Seems they launched a myspace page as well a a page on VH1's website itself.

But you didn't come here just to be referenced to a few links.

For the most part, I approve of the people they picked and they named the drummer appropriately.

Starting out with the singer.

Rutherford Bennington - Singer

When I went for my audition I had pleasure of playing with this guy(or at least I think I did.) Let me tell you he can really SING. He matches the look of ridiculous rock sterotypes from yesteryear and his hair simply goes everywhere. Cool.

Shakti Lipschitz - Bassist

Over the top name, over the top actions in the music video. Begging for attention. Seems cool enough. However doesn't seem to realize shes the bassist and plays the controller like a toy.

Captian Thunderdome - Drummer

This guys name is incredible. I could care less whatever he does. He could look faker or play worse than anyone else I've ever seen, hes still got an awesome name. Luckily he is an actual drummer and knows what hes doing. Thumbs up!

Max Griffiths - Guitarist

I have to admit I'm a little biased against him. He did get the part over me. But he does rock the almost slash hair. I do however have the legit complaint that he doesn't seem to exhude much energy in the video. He kinda stands there most of the time and when it does show him playing he also, like Shakti, doesn't look like hes playing a guitar. Just holds the strum bar and moves it up and down.

All together I think it can be a decent thing. Provide a few laughs and all. Here is the music video thats posted. More info is available through their myspace and VH1 page linked above.

Warning, video may cause physical pain.

VH1.com Videos

So, what do you guys think?
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