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SPOILERS New Mario Galaxy vid features an old friend

I'm one of those people who actually loved Luigi's Mansion. It's not a perfect game. It was too short, and it got a little repetitive towards the end, and over all feels like the first half of an unfinished game. But the concept and gameplay were unique, as were the moments of Resident Evil parody. It was like a good episode of a weird tv show, where the average Mario game is more of a 3 hour long surrealistic epic film.

Which brings us to this vid. From what it looks like, any imagined concept for a Luigi's Mansion sequel will be in Mario Galaxy. I'm getting that great "two games in one" feeling from this vid, and it's totally rocking me.

Watch the vid only if you want to get a little spoiled.

Oh, and for anyone who missed my Smash Bros video blow out from last night...

here you go
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