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New Epic Smash Bros Brawl vids.

Ok, I admit it. I lurk Nintendo news sites. In fact, I now even "work" for one.

And I hadn't seen any of these Smash Bros vids anywhere. I think this may be the first they have been shown anywhere other than Gametrailers.

Zeke started it yesterday, but I'm going to finish it.


Embeds to begin via updates post haste, but I didn't want to wast time copying and pasting when I could have posted this ASAP.

These are all Sub Space Emissary. I believe the music is placeholder.

And For the first time, I think Diddy Kong fukin rules.

One I just was shown on youtube featuring Fusion Suit Samus.

Sim City Assist Trophy

Lyn Assist Trophy

At 00:16, Peach pulls a bomb from teh ground?

Dark Link is darking my links.

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