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Ho ho ho... Smash Claus Brings Brawl Vids to All the Good Girls and Boys of D-toid!

Don't waste time reading. Just watch!

Pikachu vs Meta-Knight at Castle Siege (The chick's voice is kinda annoying at first but then I realized she sounds hot and she won me over when she said "It hurts, it hurts... it hurts so good)

Link vs Fox at PKMN Stadium 2 (Landmaster Tank FTW!)

Link vs Fox at Lylat Cruise (Spicy Curry at its finest)

Meta Knight vs Peach at Smashville (WTF is up with the Peach Bomber??)

Mario vs Bowser at Smashville Part 1

Mario vs Bowser at Smashville Part 2 (Holy shit! What the hell did Bowser do to Mario at 00:19?)

Link vs Ike at Battlefield (Link's FS is win!)

Pit vs Link at Battlefield

Mario vs Link at Eldin Bridge (Watch as Link runs away like a pussy when Mario gets the smash ball, only to die a horrible death at his hand anyway)

That's it for now. Enjoy!
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