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Villains that did nothing wrong: Lavos


Lavos is the iconic final boss from Chrono Trigger. It was constantly being referenced by other characters as a source of power and evil, but in fact, Lavos was just a creature trying to get a family together.

Pictured: Father/Mother of the Year

Lavos’ history is unknown, only that its interaction with Earth began 65 million years BC (Before Crono), when it crashed into the Reptite Lair. This allowed humans to flourish and rise, eventually defeating the hegemony of the Reptites, and starting the age of man. Until then, Lavos was just drifting through space-time, looking for a new home, and humans cowering at the might of the Reptites

And throughout the events of the game, we see earthly enities fucking with Lavos, who just wants some fucking sleep. The Queen of Zeal builds a fortress under the sea for the sole purpose of harnessing Lavos’ dormant powers for her own nefarious means. In 600 AD, Magus attempts to summon Lavos for revenge (Lavos warped young Janus/Magus to the future when Zeal was also destroyed), only to be warped back in time to his home, Zeal, in 12000 BC. Lavos emerges from dormancy in 1999 AD, which destroys the world, but that was not its intention, necessarily. Lavos, until this time, had been absorbing the DNA of every earthly creature and inhabitant for millions of years (but note: not killing them) while lying dormant in its own “Lavos Space”, harnessing the energy and perfect genes necessary to spawn.

In 1999AD, Lavos decides its time to have kiddos, so it erupts from the depths of the planet, bringing with it fire, lava, and other sorts of apocolyptic fanfare that just resides naturally under the Earth’s crust, seemingly dooming humanity. 300 years later, humanity has still somehow survived, but clinging on to very little for sustenance and survival.  Where they being killed by Lavos?  No, they were being systematically exterminated by their own technology gone haywire. Lavos is is nowhere to be seen, save via the Black Omen (a 4 dimensional ship built by Queen Zeal.)  Only his spawn remain, which after all this time, number less than a dozen.

But the fact remains, Lavos was not inherently evil, just a crazy-powerful, 4-dimensional creature, and did nothing wrong in the grand scheme of things. It just wanted to start a family, send them off to Lavos School in space, and continue the traditions. Lavos singlehandedly saved humanity from the brink of extinction by destroying the Reptites. Lavos did not maliciously destroy humans in their technological prime, and taught humility to the humans when they tried to gain its powers in 12000 bc. And so Lavos seems evil to the lowly humans in the game, but we as the players can see the bigger picture of Lavos just being another species trying to survive.

- I had something else here, but this'll do. This'll do great.

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