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A Few Words About Capcom

I have to hand it to Capcom, they've really served up a week full of gems. I've got a lot of games they have in the pipe on my list. SFIV is a mystery still but at least we have confirmation is coming. Bionic Commando looks superb, Lost Planet for PS3 and Okami for Wii are sweet surprises. Hell, we still have Zack and Wiki to come out yet, let alone Dead Rising 2, but things are looking good.

Capcom seems to be adjusting to embracing and creating games for the western market, than most japanese developers. It makes me so happy that while they are building on classic IP, they are also great at creating new ones, much more than we might have once thought.

Once upon a time, Capcom looked quite different. Their reliance on SF series used to be priority, back when the arcades were booming, but its true that consoles changed Capcom. Since the creation of the Biohazard series, and later DMC and Onimusha series, their fortunes changed for the better in 3D, while also providing great 2D game support, with SF Alpha, Marvel vs Capcom, Xmen vs Streetfighter etc. A fine juggling act indeed.

I do think that Capcom learned a lot from their GC development days. Many would have thought their decision to switch the Biohazard series from PS1/2 to GC was commercial suicide. Such commitment, against the odds, paid much back to those that stuck with GC, as well as Capcom. RE0, RE1, and more importantly RE4, where great visions and shifts for the series.

[b]Yeah, right between the eyes, Leon.[b]

With RE4 now also doing well on Wii, after already cleaning house on GC and the PS2, Capcom are clearly laughing all the way to the bank. What's clear is RE4 showed how good a third person game could be, while putting the scare factor back into the series, that had long since dulled.

RE: Umbrella Chronicles is due soon on Wii. Its a shame its a light gun game as I'm sure many would have prefered a bonafide RE4 style game, in the vein of RE4, and from what I've seen it looks like a step back, while RE5 is two steps forward. Who knows, perhaps that will come later. I tend to play these games just for more info on Umbrella and the dark tales about them.

[b]Welcome to Planet Capcom[b]

Creating new IP is the life blood of the industry, so its always great to hear about new stuff. Getting one Street Fighter game is one thing, but getting two is unheard of. These will please a lot of 2D/fighting fans, who get pretty neglected by the industry, forever pushing 3D games. Expanding to new worlds and horizons many other developers/publishers may find hard to do. What's clear though is that Capcom stand to make a lot of money next fiscal year, if the majority of these games hit our consoles next year.

The highlight of 2008 for me was gonna be RE5, and still is really as I'm such a zombie buster monkey, but with these new IPs on the way, Capcom will be getting a lot more of my money.

I have a confession to make, I haven't played Bionic Commando before (it does grace one of my PSP Capcom Collections), but so far I like what I see of this new next gen cut. I was kind of hoping for a new Captain Commando or Strider game but maybe they'll come later. Striders 20th anniversary is up in two years, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Okami will light up the Wii, and I'm still holding out for a new DS version. If it can work on Wii, DS should be cool with it too.

The other great thing is, I still can get a great dose of Capcom games with my 360. Capcom games used to be really solid on Sony formats, so it's nice to see 360 playing a major part in Capcom's plans, when many japanese developers sidestep it, an attitude which makes little sense. Along with Tecmo and Sega, Capcom stand to make more money by understanding the 360 audience, as well as struggling with the online frontier. PS3 will play its part here. Outsourcing is gonna become a big part in their plans too, like Sega have done with some of their games, over the last few years.

The future looks bright. Just don't mess up SFIV please, Capcom.

[b]Please Capcom!![b]

[b]I want to be a funny haired merc pilot again[b]

By the way Capcom, I'm still holding out on having Area 88/UN Squadron/Carrier Airwing on my PSP/DS one day (maybe in the next PSP collection). This is long overdue as I grow weary of having to resort to emus. Maybe a Live/PSN version would be nice too.

(lastly people, I don't know if I've attached these pics properly, so give me a break if it messes up, thanks)
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