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MAGFest 6: Dtoid Suite Time in the making


You want in on the "Suite" Time? Who doesn't? Of course if you want in, you have to be registered for MAGFest 6. It is only $35 ($40 at the door) for four days (January 3-6, 2008) of gaming madness! If you are a gamer, geek, dork, nerd, or whatever, they have something for you!

- 24/4 Gaming Room.
- TWO Nights of concerts that doesn't quit until the late hours of the night!
- Video room that plays video game movies, shows, fan made movies, etc.
- Vendors selling you all sorts of stuff you never knew you didn't want.
- Table Top Room
- Panels
- Angry Video Game Nerd
- And much more!

There are a few surprises that have not been revealed and the details are being worked out. But this is at a NICE hotel and if we get at least 10 people it will be at MOST $60 TOTAL. It is at the Hilton in the Alexandria Mark Center, that is Alexandria, Virginia. So you know it is nice, and you will be able to say that you got inside of a Hilton and came out clean (hopefully)! Ha ha...I tried again.

If you are interested in particpating, down below is the MAGFest website. Hit it up and register and then hit me up at Blindside.Dork [at] gmail [dot] com if you are in for some Suite time. Hopefully that isn't too cryptic!

So who all is staying in the suite so far?

BlindsideDork (duh!)

Due to annoying and unnecessary drama, I am unsure if previously mentioned "Females" will be in on the suite. Since I am unsure, they will not be counted.

I also think I missed a persons or two. If I did, hit me up and let me know and I will hook it up, yo. I ghetto!

If you want anymore details or to pre-reg, go to MAGFest.org. There you will get help or you can leave a comment here and I can helps ya.
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