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Initial Impressions: Beautiful Katamari

With many 360 owners recovering from the onslaught that was the Halo 3 marketing campaign and/or enjoying Valveís latest video game opus- I was surprised to see a game I was eagerly awaiting arrive with little to no fanfare.


Beautiful Katamari is the 4th in the series (first being ĎKatamari Damacyí, then ĎWe ♥ Katamarií, and finally ĎMe & My Katamarií on the PSP) finally arriving on the Xbox 360. For those unfamiliar with the series, in the most basic terms - you roll a ball into small objects, they stick, make the ball bigger, and your roll into larger objects.
Thatís it. That is the entire game.
In its startling simplicity, the game is incredibly addicting.

What I disliked:
Before I talk about how much I enjoy the game, letís try to address the negatives associated with this new chapter in the Katamari series.
Firs t off itís very short. One can easily finish the story mode in a single long sitting. While this isnít terribly surprising considering the first two games (sorry, didnít play the PSP version a terrible amount), it may deter those who are not diehard fans of the series and may want to reconsider before they drop 40 bucks for a game. Second is that the game doesnít really change the formulaÖ at all. Maybe changes would have appeared negatively as they released to a current generation machine or even be seen as Microsoft Ďs influence could be responsible for ruining what made the series so memorable. Itís more of the same but Iím a person who likes Dynasty Warriors so- Iím not hurting for change with the game's iterating their formula.

What I liked:
I canít say I agree with the reviews I read stating itís not visually a 360 game. I find the game visually pleasing and still wonderfully stylized. The anti-aliasing provided in the 360 really helps polish the extremely quirky visuals. The music as always is solid with what appears to be a mixture of new and old songs (regrettably Iím not terribly musically inclined so I could be totally off base here). The initial load time isnít extremely expedient but one nice thing is after a certain size (when the scale of the level needs to be changed) there are no load times. Most importantly, I want to say the game is still pure fun.

Xbox Live:
I havenít done multiplayer, though that generally isnít my focus with this game. Co-Op is still the same from We ♥ Katamari, which will lead to fights with friends as someone will invariably be unable to turn in time. The Leader boards are nice as you can see how much you have contributed to the total items collected in a percent compared to everyone worldwide. Good for those who are obsessive compulsive and for those who need reassurance that at the very least, they arenít as bad as the guys near the top of the leader boards.

8/10 Ė Extremely solid but definitely geared towards fans of the series with its current price point.
(This post is due in part to reply to CronosBlade Live message asking me what I thought of the game- but my lack of brevity would make it difficult with the 250 character limit. Hope this helps!)
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