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Lego Dimensions is a Great Buy Right Now



For anyone who either ever considered picking up Lego Dimensions, has young children who enjoy Legos or video games, or just simply enjoys Legos themselves, it's imperative that you pick yourself up right now and head to your local Target in the hopes of snagging this excellent game for the low price of 18 bucks!  That's right, the game, base, and minifigs starter set package deal is only 18 big ones.  You'll likely find them marked with the famous yellow clearance tag.

Why is this imperative you ask?  Well, if you met any of the criteria I mentioned above, the game, as you may or may not know, is on it's way out.  It is no longer being supported and once it's off the shelves, finding it new for this price will be extremely difficult.  Toys to life games hit their peak commercial performance a couple years ago and have since been on the decline.  To be honest, that's what happens to gimmicks (or games requiring specialty periphals), they have they're place in time and then they fizzle out into history.  Rockband and Guitar Hero are two such examples of this.

But while this might be a gimmick, it's still a Lego game at it's core.  If you've ever played a Lego game from TT games, then you know exactly what to expect here.  And if you havent, I can say that you won't be in for a deep gaming or story experience.  However, it will be a simplistic, yet enjoyable platforming experience with puzzles to solve along the way.  Additionally, if you're like me, you'll have all sorts of fun franchises to play around with (If you purchase the individual packs) from Gremlins, Ghostbusters, and DC superheroes to Lord of the Rings, Goonies, and Mission Impossible.  These packs are also marked down signficiantly, but are flying off the shelves fast so you may need to turn to Amazon or an online retailer.

Lego aficionados will certainly enjoy this title if not simply for the Legos themselves.  The game could just be a bonus.  There are several minifigs and franchises that are available here that are not avaiable in the open Lego market.  I previously mentioned Gremlins, but in addition, I was ecstatic to learn that one of my favorite childhood films was also a part of the Lego Dimensions family, Beetlejuice!  There's nowhere else to claim a Beetlejuice minifig but within the Beetljuice Lego Dimensions pack.  

As I mentioned earlier, kids will enjoy this title as well.  Not only is the game simple and easy to control, but there's fun in building the vehicles or various mini constructs.  Additionally, many vehicles can be built into multiple vehicle types which translate into the game.  For instance, the Batmobile can be reworked into a Sonic Batray. 

There's plenty of fun to be had here, and it is most certainly worth the 18 bucks plus the additional cost for any packs you want to hunt down.  Lego fans should rejoice for a game with physical legos for these prices!


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