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Comments of the Week 45: Special Ultra Mega Easter Edition


Well spank my ass and call me ooktar it's time for another edition of Comments of the Week. It's Easter Sunday and for this one I put together a very special selection of comments. Only the most pristine, highest quality comments are featured this week using a very thorough and tedious selection process. This time it's all the best of the best and here they are.

ooktar: Ain't that the truth. Nobody could've put it more eloquently

ooktar: Oh ho ho. That one's a doozy. I can't even think of a witty retort for that.

ooktar: Who knew that ooktar was such a master punsmith.

ooktar: Clearly if companies listened to this guy they'd be making bank.

ooktar: What a bountiful harvest of puns. I honestly can't think of anybody on Dtoid who has better puns.

ooktar: Ooktar giving the inside scoop.

ooktar: Who doesn't appreciate money jokes?

ooktar: Now I don't care who you are, that's funny right there.

ooktar: What a handsome boy. I can't think of a dtoider any more sexy than him.

ooktar: Well happy birthday to mr. ooktar. I'm pretty sure there was not a single other birthday last week.

ooktar: That's a total bummer. People are such assholes.

ooktar: Of course why would I not feature the best trend of the week. What's all this Cat girl and Bunny girl nonsense.

Well that's it for this week. As you can see it's pretty hard to top such a quality selection like this. It really makes me proud to be apart of this community to see such witty insightful comments from it's users. As always thanks for stopping by and come back next time.

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