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The Evil Within 2 would be the perfect Jurassic Park game


Once upon an Ocarina of Time I was a wee little boy. I loved roller blading and jumping on street mattresses, but most of all I loved my Super Nintendo. I only had a small handful of games, many of them being terrible movie tie-in unplayable messes, and one of those said messes I really loved. 

Yes, there definetely was a scene in the movie where Alan Grant wielded a Rocket Launcher.

The game was Ocean Software's Jurassic Park, a bizarre interrpretation of the movie that was a blend of top down and first person action/horror. As a six year old boyman it was the perfect goosebumps-level of spooky for my grubby child hands to get all clammy over. I remember how tense I would get when I made the chubby lil' alan grant sprite go into the powerplant, knowing that there was most probably going to be a lot of raptors and maybe a severed Sam Jackson arm.

Someone loved the game enough to keep a fridge full of them.

It kinda had a setup similar to Slender: The Eight Pages, the main objective of the game was to get a certain keycard that would get you to the place where you called in the helicopter, then allowing you to leave the island. It was very open for it's time, forcing the player to explore the entire map in order to progress. Through this exploration you would find new weapons and items that helped you to progress. For better or worse you had to do a lot of metroid-y backtracking, but this lack of restriction was part of what made the game great.

Fast Forward twenty four years later, The Evil Within 2 is released to critical acclaim and mediocre commercial success. Taking a big step forward from the first game, the player is now no longer confined to running through spooky hallways as chainsaw men and freaky inside/grudge monster women chase you. Now for most parts of the game you are given a large open space to creep through. This forces tough decisions on the player; should I waste my shotgun ammo to take out this horde in the hopes that the box their guarding has enough goodies to make it worth my while? or should I slip past everyone and just make it to the main objective? 

These could be Dinos.

Forcing the player to think about these things is what you want from tense games like this. When you decide to go down the dark alleyway even when you hear a little girl laughing at the other end and you know just as well as I do that this isn't going to end well, that is when you know that a horror game is working. When it's getting you to make those idiotic, yelling from your seat worthy, horror-movie decisions on your own.

And thus, this is the type of structure that I want in a modern Jurassic Park game. I think that semi-open world environments would lend themselves perfectly to a spooky dino game. Large levels full of creepy child-eating lizard birds to avoid as you attempt to turn on enough power systems to escape the island. I also think that those big dino droppings should work like the trashcans from bioshock infinte, where you find ammo or bananas in them.

So yeah, someone out there in the cosmos this post is my vision board for this game. Actually I'll go the next step and make a vision board.

Please give me this, I'll remember to recycle more or something. Just don't look up the sales figures for the Evil Within 2 before you jump the gun, because whoof it is not pretty.



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