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The most awaited games of 2019


In the first place as you most likely guessed it will be Cyberpunk 2077

I will say right away I liked the trailer wildly, like the first gameplay from the game, a very large number of gamers are delighted with the game, the release date is scheduled for 2020, it’s good that it’s not 2077, but a great joke, I hope you didn’t understand it. anyway. Now, of course, I will read the description from a random site from the game so that the video looks more saturated Cyberpunk 2077 is a game from CD Project RED, moreover, it departed from the world of fantasy and the Middle Ages to the future and cyberpunk setting. The game takes place in the world of desktop RPG Cyberpunk 2020, but the time frame was shifted to 2077. Well, let's wait, okay, especially since I am very much looking forward to this game and I plan to save up for 2020 a suitable PC that will pull this masterpiece, and we move to the second place. Objectively - you will need a fairly powerful gaming PC to play these games.

Metro Exodus ranks second

Honestly, I have not played any part of this series of games before, but I still managed to play an old Metro 2033, and then I went in, went a little and left, but what I want to say in the game demonstration, there are many locations, and there is an atmosphere I even wanted to play it. In the game, as I understood it, Moscow is becoming post-apocalyptic and Artyom the main character must with some kind of chelik leave the locomotive called Aurora from Moscow. However, Metro is not STALKER, so navigate back and forth it is impossible - Artem can move t lko advance the plot, so to go back to the old location is impossible. The game is waiting for its fans, and not only fans, I would also like to play this creature. The release date of the game is scheduled for February 22nd, 2019. Well, we move to the third place.

Third place will be taken by Beyond Good & Evil 2

This is the same No mans Sky that we deserve. The game will have a completely open and seamless world, where it will be possible to fly in outer space and land on various planets, I think this is a very cool project, which I usually expect very much, yet it is a prequel to the first part. The game will begin two hundred years before the events of the original game. Time will tell what the facts tell us, the game is transferred to some desert ... But after all, Hiliya was beautiful, Page was infected ... and here? He looks like Kratos, but in the form of a pig and, in addition, as an addict, alas, so far nothing has come true on the trailer, the gameplay video gives hope for a great game. The game itself will be released in the 4th quarter of 2019

Iron harvest

Located on the fourth place of my most successful and most objective top in the world, of course not, but oh well, Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy created on the basis of the works of the artist Yakub Rozalski. The game takes place in the time of the alternate 1920, where the World War is being fought with the help of diesel-punk human-like robots. I’ll say right away that I never liked games of any genre from the top, and generally I was sick of them, but damn seriously I damn well liked this game, it has a cool design, a cool idea to implement dieselpunk, in general, I really like the visual, but Of course, I’ll play it, although sometime in the future I can play it on my own streams, I’ll still have my own way, and I don’t have the right to judge people who like the games from above, like, the game will be released in December 2019, but we one has only to wait.

Devil May My Cry 5 is a continuation of the famous series of slashers

The story of the demon fighter Dante, as well as his many comrades and foes. The protagonist of the fifth part is Nero, presented in Devil May Cry 4, who again converges in a battle with a blond haired demon hunter. In the new part there will be a new combat system, and there will be shocking moments By the way, this is a spoiler, who does not want to hear spoilers, then you can scroll through the video ahead, and the spoiler itself will say that the blond Dante will break his blade called the rebel, but it is the one with which you mols calmly he will break the rank of sss and it will break him, there will be other shocking moments that I will not announce to you as usual, the game will be released, it will be possible to make a review on it, but what will live forever is a dante that exterminates demons from its a miracle tribal The release date of the game is scheduled for March 8, 2019.

Next week I will add the second part of this post from 6 to 10 place.

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