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Comments of the Week 43: Warframing


Free to stay

I've been playing Warframe a lot lately, in fact, when I'm not playing it, it's on my mind. It marries great gameplay, world building and the grind never feels overbearing. To say I'm hooked is an understatement.

But this week, I have barely found time to think about anything other than the comments.
'Why is that' I hear you ask?
Because for some reason everyone has upped their game and I have had tonnes (and I mean tonnes) of comments to sift through. The final number in this blog is not even the amount I have saved, I filled a folder with over 100 comments, gifs and follow-up comments and then had to shortlist everything.

So my Tenno has gone without its parent this week all because you gave me too much material to work with this week.
Thanks for that. 

Seriously though, these comments are great and hopefully you like them as much as I do.



Shadow of the Colossus team Bluepoint at work on another remake

TheLimoMaker: At least we know who to lynch if this turns out to be true.


TheLimoMaker: I mean, he might be my boss, but he is definitely right in posting this gif.


Atlus holding Persona Dancing live stream later this month, reveals 'Music Video' mode

TheLimoMaker: Yeah it has the best girl in there, next to trash tier Makoto.


TheLimoMaker: The best kind of 69 is a nice 69.


Streamer completes zero hit run of the Dark Souls Trilogy

TheLimoMaker: That is a very entertaining meme that unfortunately didn't start a thread as I hoped.


TheLimoMaker: Basically NeoGaf or Reddit.


Review: Ready Player One

TheLimoMaker: I never want to lay eyes on anyone related to that show ever again.


TheLimoMaker: I understood that reference.


Creepy launch trailer released for tomorrow's Assassin's Creed: Origins expansion

TheLimoMaker: A face that will haunt my nightmares... And Dwayne Johnson's career.


Hot damn! Gal Gun 2 is coming next month

TheLimoMaker: That's juicy.


TheLimoMaker: Just tossing that one out there huh?


Here are the winners of The Emotional Games Awards 2018

TheLimoMaker: Those judges must be bunch of cocks.


TheLimoMaker: Did you know he knows Ellen Page?


Xbox Head tweets support of PS4/Xbox One crossplay on Fortnite

TheLimoMaker: The great System Solstace of 2018.


TheLimoMaker: The relevancy hurts my heart.


TheLimoMaker: I just think it is something to remember... Both companies are shits.


New trailer reveals Fortnite gameplay footage on iPhone X

TheLimoMaker: An Apple product a day keeps effective hardware and real gamers away.


Darksiders: The Documentary reveal trailer

TheLimoMaker: #Edgelord666


Nintendo just dropped a semi-useful 5.0 patch for Switch

TheLimoMaker: Nintendo don't give a damn about the strife of cloud saves.


Nintendo pitches Detective Pikachu and his wacky voice in 30 seconds

TheLimoMaker: I'm going to love it because I'm a consumerist worm.


TheLimoMaker: Wanna get noticed on Destructoid? Because that's how you get noticed on Destructoid.


TheLimoMaker: Filthy.


Capcom is bringing Devil Hunter Dante to Monster Hunter: World

TheLimoMaker: The pull of the dark side is too strong for me.


TheLimoMaker: I'd buy that for a dollar.


Final Fantasy VII Remake team hiring for 'core members'

TheLimoMaker: That was actually genuinely clever. Begone man with your wordplay.


TheLimoMaker: Yeah... It isn't going down well is it.


Fulfill your dream of being a Scooby-Doo villain with State of Decay 2 Collector's Edition

TheLimoMaker: No need to spot an asshole, I'm right here.


TheLimoMaker: I'd kill for this spin-off series.


TheLimoMaker: He would've gotten away with it too, if it... You know the rest.


Metal Gear Survive adds co-op rescue missions

TheLimoMaker: If someone gives it to you as a gift, kick them in the groin.


TheLimoMaker: Smugamania is running mild brotha. (Just a little Mark Remark reference there).


Hell yeah, Jeff Goldblum is in Jurassic World Evolution

TheLimoMaker: I always forget this image exists and then when I remember, I am always disgusted all over again.


Fallout 3 mod that's housed in Fallout 4 has been cancelled for legal reasons

TheLimoMaker: I'm not mad at these puns, just disappointed.


Shadow of the Tomb Raider's website coding references Fall release and other details

TheLimoMaker: I'd fill a tomb or too. Wait... That sounds gross.


Review: Kirby Star Allies

TheLimoMaker: This thread blows.


TheLimoMaker: You basically asked for that Dangus.


I don't know what to tell you about the UK Charts

TheLimoMaker: My mother was a hamster.


TheLimoMaker: So many Monty Python references so little time.


Cancelled Star Wars Battlefront IV was headed to strange places if this concept art is anything to go by

TheLimoMaker: I'd roger anything.


Skyrim VR releases on Steam next month for $60

TheLimoMaker: Goddamit Bethesda.


Xbox's E3 booth won't actually be at E3, but it isn't going far

TheLimoMaker: Even that is far too hopeful.


TheLimoMaker: That is too much of a heated burn.


The Metal Gear symphony orchestra is coming to the US for two shows this year

TheLimoMaker: It'll still sell better than Metal Gear: Survive


AMC to host 31-hour Marvel movie marathon before Avengers: Infinity War

TheLimoMaker: That breaks canon, nobody wants a pink Thor. According to EA at least.


Chucklefish's magic school sim now named WitchBrook

TheLimoMaker: My brook. She's mine goddamit.


Geralt of Rivia of Witcher fame confirmed for Soulcalibur VI

TheLimoMaker: Give him brown hair and a less chiselled body. Make him me.


TheLimoMaker: That sounds like a Dragonball Hentai attack so I'm okay with it.


TheLimoMaker: He just looks so happy.


What fighting games are you playing right now?

TheLimoMaker: Oh dear.


Rapper Drake playing Fortnite breaks Twitch's concurrent viewers in a single stream record

TheLimoMaker: Honestly man I feel your pain.


Review: Warhammer: Vermintide 2

TheLimoMaker: The struggle of all Vermintide players.


Every console is getting a Dark Souls Remastered test, not just Switch

TheLimoMaker: That was the Dark Souls of comments.


The Crew 2 finally zoom zooms in late June

TheLimoMaker: Ah yes, Protagonist #447. How could I forget him.


Review: Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

TheLimoMaker: They still have every other game in the series.


Shape of the World seems like a relaxing way to literally give shape to the world

TheLimoMaker: Like my sex life, No Man's Sky starts out interesting then peters out into mediocrity and eventually disappointment.


Final Fantasy XV's PC port is straight up impressive

TheLimoMaker: That really screwed with me for a solid five minutes.


PUBG's achievements are a good start, but I want even more out-there goals

TheLimoMaker: Congratulations to Stephen who has been feature twice now, two more times than I have featured GameManiac.


Review: Tomb Raider

TheLimoMaker: I did a drink spit at this comment.


TheLimoMaker: Best graphics.


Start the weekend with Futaba and Fuuka in new Persona Dancing trailers

TheLimoMaker: At least she's better than Futaba.


Review: Super Seducer: How to Talk to Girls

TheLimoMaker: The grey man has a point.


Former PlayStation CEO Jack Tretton is starting a company to assist the indie scene

TheLimoMaker: I love Wikipedia sometimes.


Sega has started teasing a new Sonic racing game

TheLimoMaker: After Sonic: Boom the series should have been euthanized.


Yakuza Kiwami 2 finally gets western release date

TheLimoMaker: Hooray!


WTF is Destructoid? Today we celebrate 12 years of madness

TheLimoMaker: Are you going to give God Hand a 3/10 next you damn charlatan?


TheLimoMaker: I will never not love this man.


TheLimoMaker: What he said, but so it looks like I said... Shit that's already been done.


So that's it from me here. 
Honestly, this has been tiring beyond belief and I actually have about forty extra comments that haven't been used.
This is the shortlist and it still has far more comments than normal.
So no QPosts this week... You've had enough you naughty so and so's.

I hope you're all proud of yourselves for actually making me do work for once. 


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