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Into the Breach is making me feel like a genius




My history with strategy games is spotty, I'll often jump in for a few hours, get in the groove of things and then hit a gridded brick wall, hard. So frequently these games will give me too many systems to track and I won't learn from every game over screen. I'm always wanting to blame the game for my loss. Ten runs Into the Breach and I feel like a god. With every run I am learning new strategies, and every loss would have been preventable if I had thought the match out more. 

Every time I get a perfect clear-out on a stage I get a warm tingly feeling inside that I have not gotten from a game or elsewhere in quite some time. It is this amazing satisfaction in knowing that I am 100% in charge of me winning or losing and that I tore that ass up.

The other games that I have been seeing for the past few weeks are Bloodborne and The Witcher 3, and neither of which are satisfying me in this way. In Bloodborne it often feels cheap when I die, (shots fired, I know) the enemies popping out of a corner and one-hit killing me or I'll face a boss and try to strategize the fight just to figure out that all I need to do is hop behind it and slice up that asshole. It's the same thing in the Witcher, none of the systems have enough depth to really give me the satisfaction of overcoming a challenge.

Into the Breach has me thinking carefully about every move that I make and rewards my thought and strategy every time. I walk away from every match feeling like I could just tear up an IQ test. Now I just need a game that gives me the confidence to talk to women.

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