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Cblog recaps from March 1, 8 and 15. Life, lateness and libraries.


Hey guys, and welcome once again to the Thursday recap! In case you were wondering where I've been with these, I just started working through Alberta Job Corps, so I've been pretty tired from that after not working for like, 2 years. And THEN I got sick, so that was fun too. But I'm happy to say that I think things are going great so far! It feels nice to be working again, and the people at job corps are super supportive. I finished doing First Aid Training today!

I've also re-discovered that libraries are awesome! I had someone recently enlighten me on how libraries have updated since I last went, so I immediately went to check it out. Ended up borrowing a bunch of movies, games and books. So far I've figured out game wise, that I do not like Elite Dangerous or Rodea the Sky Soldier, and that I like Elex way more than I thought I would. The fact it gives you a jetpack right away is a big plus.

Other than that it's been more of the same. Playing dnd and Magic the Gathering with buddies every week. Getting some Monster Hunter and Warframe in when I can. Looking for sweet deals at the grocery store. That kinda stuff. So now that that's outta the way, let's move onto those recaps I'm behind on!

* - Bass has made us more custom dtoid Magic The Gathering cards! They're awesome! Check em' out!

* - Marcel Hoang aka Strider let's us know his current fav weapons in MHW. He does have a Charge Blade in there, so I guess his opinion is valid. Go check them out and tell him yours!

T - Batman is an inspiration to many, and here Zordan tells us how Batman has colored his views in gaming. Hopefully it didn't involve a tragic origin story.R - taterchimp gives us his thoughts what he likes and dislikes about FF12. I'll give a fast rundown of my thoughts too; Bad=Vaan and Good=Fran
S - We got an interview with Filipino Pro-Wrestler Robin Sane done by JBlaze! I'm not a wrestling guy, but if you are give it a read!

R - Oh man! Kerrik52 has a totally legit real I swear review of Farcry 5 up! What? It's not out yet? I dunno Kerrik is a pretty stand up bro, he would't just make a fake review for fun. Right?

T - 1 year after the Switch's release, Shoggoth2588 give us his thoughts on it and the Wii-U. I still can't afford a Switch myself, but someday...

R - Flegma gives us a blast from the past with an old school review of Yie Ar Kung-Fu, which as it turns out is 3 years older than me! That's crazy!

T - What are you playing right now? JBlaze want to know, and also let us know what he's playing! For me in short; Warframe, MHW, and Elex.

T - IDrawOnTape gives us his tale of woe with his experience with Gamefly. Hopefully it gets better buddy!

V - SquareElite gives us the scoop about SqueEnix's live Final Fantasy XV Alternative Time Report. The video on it is in the cblog, so take a gander!

R - Lord Spencer fill us in on his upcoming plan of Sega Saturn reviews. I'm looking forward to it!

L - We're going on a nostalgia trip with LaTerry, who tells us about one of his childhood book classics "he Transall Saga"! I was library kid myself, but mostly Goosebumps.

L - It's time for dephoenix's Book of the Month! This time we got a NSFW selection called "My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness". Seems self explanatory. Check out his thoughts on it, but not in public!

F - We got a review of the new Tomb Raider movie from Rudorlf. I wonder if they have that part where Lara bites a guys ear off?

? - The Baked Potato let's us know how all the cool kids on his block are getting into Rukus. I think it's a band? The description is kinda lacking and I'm too lazy to google it. Ask him in the comments I guess!

Alright, that catches me up on my recaps. Now I'm going to catch up on some gaming. Or read some Dresden Files. Or make dinner. Or even just chill. Have a great weekend guys, and have a great dtoid bday!


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