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Gamefly, why do you hate me?

So I've been a member of Gamefly for exactly 3 years today! But they must really not like me. Why, you ask? Well, I have it to play through as many JRPGs as I can. With a combination of work schedule as well as Narcolepsy, its nice to have a game that IF I fall asleep during (spoiler alert, i always do at random points) it won't totally screw me over. Like the time I was playing Madden, fell asleep, woke up after 40 delay of game penalties moved me from 1st and goal at the 1 yard line to 1st and goal, but at the opposite 1 yard line, thanks for the penalty yards pushing me back. Well, the past few I've gotten have been games that I'm not exactly proud about. Gal Gun:Double Peace (a weird FPS about shooting girls with a pheremone gun), Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash (groups of girl ninjas shooting water guns at each other, shooting off their clothing at the same time) and Blue Reflection (nothing really wrong with that, it was just a bland JPRG from Gust, who help with games like the Neptunia and Atelier series, which I like). Kinda pervy games, but whatever. The latest game I've been waiting for, since a co-worker suggested it for my PS Vita, is "Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors". Reviews were fair, I was looking for a game for the Vita to try once i finished Persona 4, so I went for it. Here is the timeline of how its gone so far: Feb 27th-Sent SK:PBS back March 2nd-We've shipped CG2:PF March 10th-.... waiting March 12th-... still nothing. Wrote them an email, complaining. The last 3 games I've gotten, I send it back on a monday, hoping against hope that I'll get a game back by saturday's mail. I live in a suburb of Phoenix, so it's not like I'm in the middle of nowhere, plus there is a GameFly distribution center in Los Angeles. I can mail a letter to LA from PHX (I would be dropping it early in the AM, since i work at 5am so I drop it at the post office quite early) and it arrives the next day in some cases. I got an email back telling me that "the website says it takes 2-5 business days" in most cases. By the 12th, its actually been 6 to 7 business days, depending on how you count it, but whatever. Most of the rest of the email just advises patience. March 13th-... STILL nothing. Write another email, complaining about this still hasn't come through. Their response is for me to contact the USPS and ask for an audit of the route, since GameFly isn't in charge of the route. As a 41 year old guy, I'm kind of insulted at this point that they seem to think that I don't realize that I don't get that the USPS and GameFly are two separate entities. I understand shipping times, but I'm really getting irritated that nothings happening. They also suggest I confirm my address, since it could have changed. Haven't moved in years, but I can see why I would be the issue here. March 14th-... STILL NOTHING. I will give them credit for giving me a free month of GameFly, but part of me is like "what good is a free month if I get NOTHING during that time?" I decide to start emailing them every day that I haven't gotten a game, just to remind them. March 15th-... you guessed it. They emailed me to tell me they removed the spot on MyQ that shows they have shipped me CG2:PF so they can ship me either a replacement or the next game on my Q. But to keep my eyes open and if it comes in, send it back at my earliest convenience. At this point, I don't even want the bloody game. I re-arranged my Q to get a Vita game that is available NOW instead of HIGH, since maybe I'll actually get it. The worst part is that I'm pretty much just embarrassed at thinking when I get home "Gee, I wonder if Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors has arrived for my gaming enjoyment?" So as of tonight, no change to MyQ. No games shipped, still waiting. I don't use GameFly Streaming (I dont have a controller I can use with an Amazon Fire Stick, my laptop is old and cruddy, I'm really more of a console guy) so I've just got my complaints to keep me warm. Thanks for letting me vent, Destructoid-ers!
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