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Reflections on Rukus


The Obama-era queer kids are a different make and model from the Bush-era ones. That’s the excuse I like to give myself when I try and measure up to the folks a few years younger. They’ve a certain hope and confidence that I can’t help was somehow conditioned out of me. I think that’s just me though.

The new hotness in my circle of friends is Rukus, which is having numerous showings during South by Southwest. And hopefully getting picked up to show in other places soon. A moderate amount of buzz and praise from those who’ve seen it. I can’t get through the trailer. It hits a bit too close to home. Also most of my circle of friends are furries, and Rukus is furry as fuck.

I think that’s the main sticking point for me. That’s always been an admittedly hidden part of me. Something to be tucked away in polite company, or practically any in person company. And I always found my highest disdain were for those who could earnestly and honestly enjoy things I shamefully enjoyed. And it’s only something that I’m coming to grips with now. It seems to be a part of the community.

I don’t know why I’m so ashamed. I look back at my track record in the community, I’ve been fucking saintly. I’ve talked fuckers out of offing themselves. Given mom’s the words they needed to hear to get through tough times. I’ve helped abused folks stand up to their abusers. All in the shadows, in a secret little microcosm that was the internet’s punching bag. A little community I’m still somehow embarrassed to tell coworkers and family about.

I hope Rukus is the start of a genre to come. One of the main differences between the Obama-era queer kids and the Bush-era ones, is that somewhere between the stories that reflected who they are moved from novelty and tragedy, into something more.

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